Is the SpareParts Joque harness worth the price?

Contributor: Fawkes Fawkes
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the price that is.
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
Absolutely! It's a great harness! All of the reviews on it just rave and rave and it is really durable and works as intended. Much more comfy than the leather harnesses in my opinion.
Contributor: SMichelle SMichelle
It does have a high price tag, but all of the reviews seem to be great.
Contributor: ABiGirl4ABiGirl ABiGirl4ABiGirl
Originally posted by Fawkes
the price that is.
Oh yes! The one I tried belonged to a friend, but I'm about to buy my own now too!
Contributor: Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
I've looked at it and I want it desperately (still saving up money and points since its so expensive). Its really well made and being fabric its way easier to clean then leather. Leather harnesses are kind of a pain in the ass since you have to cure the leather every time you use it. Not worth it.
Contributor: Andrew1992 Andrew1992
No question. It's absolutely amazing. Its machine washable and sits fairly low, so the wearer can get a lot of pleasure out of it as well.
Contributor: Nice to Eat you Nice to Eat you
didn't think of it sitting low, interesting...
Contributor: ohmai ohmai
It certainly looks interesting
Contributor: AVOX AVOX
YES! Every damn penny!
Contributor: SaddleUp SaddleUp
YES!! Splurge on your pleasure, it's an invest you'll enjoy over and over and over again.
Contributor: twelve13 twelve13
Definitely! The benefits pay for themselves over time! I've used it both on my ex girlfriend and on my current boyfriend. It is extremely comfortable and feels like a second skin =)
Contributor: powerqueen powerqueen
This whole chain is really convincing me to get one...