Liberator-Positions Booklet w/ Furniture Idea? What do you think?

Liberator-Positions Booklet w/ Furniture Idea? What do you think?

jmex83 jmex83
I was just thinking, as I was looking at all the furniture that liberator has out and I was wondering...

Do you think that liberator should come out with a book that was strictly for positions just for the ramps/wedges? I think that would be an awesome idea! Or maybe you could buy the ramp and get the book for free or a discount maybe? A combo deal? What do you think?
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I think thats a great idea!
P'Gell , Silverdrop , Master DarkWolf , LaSchwartz , DiamondKoala , Subska , Do emu , LavenderSkies , Beck , Katelyn , HannahPanda
Meh, Maybe?
I don't see how it could be of any use./
I'd prefer to have fun trying the positions and being creative myself/
I don't see this as being such a hot idea
If Liberator came out with a book like this, Iw ould purchase it
If liberator came out with a book like this, I would not purchse it
Ansley , Nora
I wouldn't purchase it, but would use it if it were free/came with furniture
P'Gell , Nora , Silverdrop , LaSchwartz , DiamondKoala , OhMy! , Do emu , Beck , Katelyn , Checkmate , potstickers , A.Mari , Deeder , hot n spicey , callsignhusker
I wouldn't purchase it and I wouldn't use it even if it were free
Ansley , Subska
The infamous, Other-Leave comment/thoughts/opinions
Nora , Kissy , Ghost , DreamWolf , married with children
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Ansley Ansley
When it comes to stuff like that, I prefer to figure it out for myself. I was a little less than thrilled when I ordered my BonBon and discovered that their catalog weighed more than the BonBon does. And while I'm all about keeping the printing industry alive, I found it to be of no use to me and I ended up tossing it into the recycling bin.
P'Gell P'Gell
I wouldn't mind a booklet. The one that comes with the Liberator stuff has one or two positions. But, not that we don't have imaginations, but my husband and I are of disparate sizes. He's about 15 inches taller than I am, and we have found it difficult to use the wedge during sex for more than a few minutes. We use it, but mostly for non sexual purposes.

I could use some good ideas of how to use the wedge during sex without feeling like I'm suffocating (like when I'm on my back) or that my bottom is too high, and his knees start bothering him.

He pulled it out the other night, just as I was about to come. I wasn't in the mood to have a conversation about it. He was saying.... something, and I just wanted him to put the thing down, and get on with what we were doing. He ended up lying on it, getting back into what we were doing and getting me where I wanted to go, but it was not the best time to grab the wedge and say, "Hey, let's....." something, I don't know, I was busy. I think he was trying to get me onto the wedge for something, but I was RIGHT THERE and couldn't concentrate on anything else.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
First, I need to get some Liberator furniture. Can't buy from Eden though - the overseas shipping would triple the cost.
Nora Nora
Several years ago when I bought our wedge/ramp combo (direct from Liberator) it did come with a "positions" booklet. It was fairly unhelpful though since it was basically just all the photos already on their real "instructions" on how each position was supposed to work or be achieved.

I'm guessing if they aren't shipping it anymore, I'm not the only one who thought it was a colossal waste of the paper it was printed on.
Kissy Kissy
I received a small booklet with mine, ordered about 6 months ago. I feel like it came with a video too. Maybe because I ordered the combo?
Ghost Ghost
Anything ordered directly from Liberator comes with a positions booklet already...
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
Sounds like a good idea for free.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
And it does come with a free booklet btw...
DiamondKoala DiamondKoala
I like the idea but I'd have to see how it was really put together in practice for me to actually decide. Because I could make up a lot of random stuff on my own.
DreamWolf DreamWolf
They do come with a booklet as I know!!!
jmex83 jmex83
Originally posted by Silverdrop
First, I need to get some Liberator furniture. Can't buy from Eden though - the overseas shipping would triple the cost.
That sucks silverdrop. you would always try to save up your points for a giftcard to cover your shipping expenses!
jmex83 jmex83
Originally posted by DreamWolf
They do come with a booklet as I know!!!
Oh do they? well good then lol. we get ours tomorrow, so im hoping its helpful
married with children married with children
the booklet is not that helpful, but it does get the ball rolling on some positions you can use with your new liberator shape.
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
I received the booklet with a couple of my Liberator orders. It only has a few positions for each piece, so it's not all that helpful. Looking through the booklet did make me want to purchase a few more items though.
HannahPanda HannahPanda
Excellent idea
callsignhusker callsignhusker
only if it were free
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