Libertor Decor Wedge

Libertor Decor Wedge

wdanas wdanas
I just ordered one of these, despite not finding much in the way of reviews or information. The price was too good and my husband and I have been wanting to try one for some time now. It hasn't shipped yet, so I can still change my mind if necessary.

So - has anyone used one of these before? They look gorgeous, but I'm wondering if it might end up being too small. I'm not terribly overweight, but am a bit on the plump side. As pretty and discreet as the decor wedge is, it won't do much good if I fall off during use.

Also, would anyone happen to know if the decor line will work with the flip ramp? That's next up for purchase and it would be great to try some of the positions I've seen with the wedge/ramp combo. We would just get the combo, but discretion and storage are an issue for us, so I'm hoping to make these two items work as desired. Any information appreciated!
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wdanas wdanas
Well, it's shipped, so I guess we'll see how it works when it gets here and I'll report back so anyone else looking for this information can hopefully have an easier time making a decision. I'm impressed by the fast shipping, at least... it should be here tomorrow.
wdanas wdanas
Well, now that I have both pieces, I can go ahead and update this.

After a thorough testing of the item, I have to say the Decor Wedge is certainly worth the money spent. If you are particularly large, it might end up being too small - I'm size 16/18 with wide hips and I didn't feel unbalanced or as if I would fall off, but if the wedge had been wider I probably would have felt a bit more stable and less like I still had to hold myself in some positions. Still, once things got going I didn't even notice it being there anyway, so that was good. The difference in penetration and angles is amazing, and the wedge has been finding a lot of use. It looks very nice just sitting on the bed as if it were a decorative throw pillow, so it's easy to pull over when needed.

One of the main reasons we wanted a wedge piece was to make it easier for my husband to stand at the edge of the bed during lovemaking, as it is a favorite position of ours. The height difference meant we would have to strain to keep the position for too long, but with the wedge it was much easier. The only trouble is that during vigorous thrusting it is easy to slide down the wedge. We haven't tested that position with the flip ramp yet, but I expect that will help a bit.

Speaking of the flip ramp, the two fabrics do still stick well together, and the narrower size of the decor wedge (as opposed to the regular wedge) allows it to fit on the flip ramp without overhang. We haven't had time to use both pieces very much, but for now I'm very pleased with both items, separately and together.
Jul!a Jul!a
I wish I had seen this earlier, I have the heart decor wedge and the flip ramp, and I could have put them together to test out for you. However I'm glad you like both of them! Have you thought about writing a review on them?
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