Sex pillow cases. Or pillow straps.

Sex pillow cases. Or pillow straps.

dawnrenee88 dawnrenee88
I'm looking for something like the Sportsheets Vibrating Position Pillow Case, 5-piece Set. But I'm mostly just interested on the case or the velcro thingy.

I'm looking for something cheap that can help me hold onto it while being in bed alone. After all I'm single and plus size with short arms.

I found a dildo that has a suction cup on the bottom but since I can't use my suction cup on my sheets I thought about something like the item listed above.

But I don't want to pay over 30 dollars for something like this if all I wanted was the pillow case and the dildo holder.

Can anyone suggest anything else.
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Mr. E Mr. E
I can give you a few ideas. We have successfully used a thigh harness wrapped around a pillow. It actually worked quite well for us, holding the dildo quite securely.

Or for just a few bucks and a trip to one of the big box retailers, you can easily fabricate your own solution. All you really need is a simple lashing strap and properly sized o-ring. I've purchased suitable lashing straps at W-mart for $2.00 in the camping section.
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