Sex Swing Stand

Contributor: SourThoughts SourThoughts
I've decided to purchase a sex swing... but I can't seem to find an adequate stand. Naturally, what I like is the popular Topco Universal Stand, which EF sold. But, no site carries it and this website goes as far as to say it is discontinued.

Problem is, I need a stand. Does anyone know if EF plans to carry another stand anytime soon? Perhaps Topco is coming out with another model?

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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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sex swing
i would like some input from some people who have tried this
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
Have you considered putting a suitable hook in your ceiling?
...or is that just not a viable option?
Contributor: SourThoughts SourThoughts
Originally posted by Mr. E
Have you considered putting a suitable hook in your ceiling?
...or is that just not a viable option?
I am aware that you can drill into a support beam... but I rent and not willing to do so.

I am set on purchasing a stand. But apparently they are hard to find =(
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
O.K., I certainly understand not wanting to drill at the rental.

It's too bad That Eden is not currently stocking one. You may want to add it to the Eden should carry thread.

Good luck!