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Is sex swing really all that good or not?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Helpful topic info on Sex slings:

What is the best product Elation swing has?

Have you gone to a Swingers'/Sex Club and if you did, how far did you take it? Answer each applicable response.
I never thought I would ever consider going to a swingers'/sex club. Never. I'm a repeat customer now! We're not into swinging, but we thoroughly..

sex swing...bad idea? or helpful?
I have an opportunity to try out a sex swing. My initial reaction was fear. then followed by being intrigued. I have a bad back, flexibility issues...

Advice on positioning or pillows etc for thrusting please
hi, so I like to use 2 toys at once- at least until I find the perfect silicone rabbit , and I need two hands to work my clit right. Since I can't...

Gonna order my door swing!
Finally, one of them is back in stock!!
Contributor: Ghost Ghost
You could read the reviews.
Contributor: WierdAl WierdAl
Originally posted by emilia
Is sex swing really all that good or not?
Check out the reviews associated with the products. If thats not enough info, see if the reviewer will share some personal expierences.
Contributor: married with children married with children
they add something additional to your sex. Just as long as you go in knowing that is what a swing is for, just to add that little something. We use ours about once or twice a month. It is fun to break out every now and then. I wrote a pretty informative review on the pleasure swing, you should check it out and let me know if you have any additional questions you need answered.
Contributor: Lizzy Lizzy
it depends on who is inside the swing
Contributor: Baby-Baby Baby-Baby
Originally posted by emilia
Is sex swing really all that good or not?
Check the reviews out!!!!!!