Any Way to Make a Vibe Fatter?

Any Way to Make a Vibe Fatter?

This Marvel
is one of the rare few dual stimulators that actually hits my clit right on. (That's why I got it... I wondered if it being a "slenders" vibe would make the clit stimulator a bit more proportional for me. Which it does. Yay.)

The only problem is it's far thinner than I like. Aside from wrapping the silly thing in duct tape is there any way to fatten it up a bit? I know there are all sorts of sleeves & extensions & whatsit's for dicks, but no idea if any of those would be at all suitable for what I'm trying to do.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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AndroAngel AndroAngel
Most of the Vibrator/penis sleeves should work for that, if you can find something you like that'll fit your vibrator. Sorry I'm not of more help.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Here is all the girth enhancement sleeves that EF has, one of them might help. Also, you could look at some of the sleeves like the Tenga 3D, they could fit over a toy to provide more girth and texture.
Angelica Angelica
I know you can use the Tenga eggs as sleeves on vibrators (i learned about this when i visited a babeland store forever ago). Perhaps you can see about some of the less disposable sleeves? Or try with the eggs first to see if it helps?
Ah, thank you all. I wasn't sure where to look exactly.

Thanks for the link, Tim.

Hrm, interesting, Angelica. I'll have to browse those too.

Thanks again, all.
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