Are you such a vroom freak too? :D

Are you such a vroom freak too? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
I just wondered about myself last Night...

I was trying some of my new toys, got Life too, and all the Fairy Wands laying around, trying all of them...

I noticed that, of course, Life isn't even close to the power even the tiny Pocket Fairy has! And of course it is said to be the most powerful portable clitoral vibe, with MiMi, Tango and Salsa...

I was just wondering how come I expected Life to be at least almost as powerful as any of the smallest Fairy Wands (except that Fairy Baby of course), that I spent all that many points on something what will probably be laying around somewhere, while I am enjoying the soul out of my Pocket Fairy until it totally dies off... ^^

So anyway, if you need such powerful vrooms, don't you wonder sometimes too what in the world you are doing with those popular rechargeable clit vibes while Pocket Fairy (and maybe some others) gives much more power and is rechargeable too, being very small and handy as well? ~lays ears blushy
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Sammi Sammi
I've found that some of the weaker clit vibes (well, in comparison to the Hitachi or Fairy) are great for the second and later rounds - I'm way more sensitive then and don't need the mega power
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