Best Way to LOVE from a distance

Contributor: Wilson Wilson

Long distance relationship is so hard sometimes. I just feel lonely and miss so much her warmth. All the time I just to be with her, and have her into my arms. Intimacy goes beyond the physical action. Is when we are the most vulnerable, share life, and be as one for a fleeting moment. Thats why I at first did not want to try sex toys, or never felt that much comfortable over sex calls.

The time came that I was going through a hard part in my life and really needed her. She means everything to me.

I decided to try something new to see if we could be closer together even if we were far away apart. And it actually surprised me. It is a vibrator that I gave to my girlfriend that actually I was the one controlling it over an app from the other side of the world! We used a phone too, and well, we started talking about the last time we were together, and all those feelings were coming back, both were starting to get excited, and she got the vibrator. As I was saying what I wanted to do with her, I could control the intensity, the speed, everything. The way I could feel I was the one giving her pleasure felt amazing. Seriously, this is by far the best thing we have ever tried.

I am here to share with you guys, that you should definitely get one too. just give it a shot. I decided to post this today as they have a 10 dollar discount going on. When I bought there was no discount, and I dont anyone else missing this discount.

well! their website is: and the discount code is DR49.
vibe ease

I hope you guys dont need it, and have of plenty meetings all the time!! and even you dont, that you at least have the best time there is!

All my best,
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