Calling all Uma owners: Glitches?

Contributor: Positwist Positwist
I received my Uma in the mail yesterday, and she seems to be on the fritz.

After her first charging (~4 hours), she stalled. A lot. I wasn't even using her yet, just feeling her vibes and patterns, and she stalled probably 5 times in 15 minutes.

I plugged her back in and her red light blinked for another hour. Once the light was steady, I nudged the charger and the light started blinking again. She charged for another half hour.

She stalled a couple times more after that--and I noticed a tapping/crackling noise coming from the handle. She does not seem to be overheating, though.

I recall reading about all of these issues in reviews (though they were only mentioned in passing, like it was a one-time thing), so I'm wondering: Is your Uma glitchy? Was it glitchy right out of the box, or did they persist? Did you have to return/exchange yours?

I'll give mine a few more days before I submit a ticket to exchange it, but I thought it'd be nice to compile everyone's experiences with Uma glitches onto one thread.
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Contributor: Gracie Gracie
I just got my Uma on Wed (3/7/12) and my experience is not like yours. She charged fine, no stalling, very powerful and no glitches whatsoever. I think you should go ahead with the support ticket. It sounds like yours is defective. I'm sorry! How dissapointing for you! It will be worth it though. I think Uma is an awesome toy!
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
Yes, I would definitely submit a support ticket. I don't have an Uma, but from what I've heard that's not a typical experience and it sounds defective.
Contributor: jprince jprince
sounds like a defect in the device i would trade it in for another one
Contributor: Beck Beck
I am echoing the support ticket or the costumer service help. That is not at all like my Uma, so it does sound like a defect. That is a shame. Uma is worth your wait though! She is amazing.
Contributor: mpfm mpfm
Well, I received two defective Umas in a row. I just thought it was extemely bad luck, but maybe others are having issues as well. The first would turn off if jostled. I exchanged it for a new one right away. Eden was great about it. There was a very fast turnaround. I had my second Uma exactly one week from the day I sent in the first. Unfortunately this one wouldn't charge at all.

I was very surprised to have two with issues. I have Mimi and
G-ki and have never had a problem. I ended up asking for a refund on the second one. I still want one. I have never heard of anyone else having so much trouble. I am planning on purchasing a third next month. I couldn't possible receive 3 defective Umas, could I?

You should contact Eden and exchange or get a refund. I probably wouldn't even wait a few days.
Contributor: Lizzy Lizzy
I'd get a RA number and send it back
Contributor: oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
I also received two defective Umas in a row. They both failed within the first two weeks. Would no longer turn on.