Clitoral vibe that is comfortable to hold...

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It's been awhile since I've posted here. Initially a couple years back I was looking for a vibrator to spice up the marriage. Something that wasn't intimidating and for a beginner, my wife had never used a vibrator at that time.

We tried a few different vibrators, most of which were just too hard, too powerful, or just overall made her uncomfortable right off the get. Her being very sensitive the search did take awhile but we finally found something that works for her. It's the California Exotics Silver Bullet. She really likes the clit stimulation better than one being inserted, which actually worked out nice for couples play!

So with that being said, I'm now in search of a toy that offers the same variable speed (she prefers lower speeds and slowly build up) and one that is specifically for clit stimulation. We'd like to find one that she could comfortably hold to pleasure herself while I watch. Problem with the bullet is her hand goes numb from the vibrations and she doesn't like to hold it, she's a bit timid to begin with but I'm really hoping to find something comfortable for her to hold on to and pleasure herself which would be a huge turn on.

So is there something available like that? Only thing I come up with in a search is the Magic Wand and from what I've read the vibrations are very intense, and as I'd mentioned she doesn't like strong vibrations, she's pretty sensitive. Also not opposed to an internal vibrator as long as it is a very comfortable soft material and small and would still work well for clitoral stimulation.

So far we're considering the Lelo Gigi, We Vibe Tango, and the We Vibe Touch. We honestly have no clue whether or not these will vibrate her hand off though so we'd like some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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