Clitoral Vibrators... Which one?

Clitoral Vibrators... Which one?

kaykay0427 kaykay0427 01/22/2013

I want a new cheap vibrator because I'm bored with the old toys so I'm buying one with my edenpoints.

Invited: Reviewers of the products compared.

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kaykay0427 kaykay0427
I want a more powerful clit vibe than the one I have now and these are the closest candidates for my price range....
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smalone7 , js250
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winterseve , ViVix , unfulfilled
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smalone7 smalone7
It was a good cheap vibrator and it more than likely gets the job done. Make sure to take out the batteries when you aren't using it though. and wash it after every use. I'm sure if I would've done this it would still function properly.
edeneve edeneve
a couple suggestions I can make are ones I've reviewed: G-Spot Tickler's clit stimulator is absolutely amaaaaaazing! iEgg is OMGosh! Synchro vibes is fabulous! Harlequin is another strong vibe. Dr. Laura Berman Calypso is great if you like texture.

some of these may not be in your price range but you can watch for them to go on sale. they all are well worth their price. check out my reviews on them to see if any of them are what you're looking for. good luck.
sexyfun sexyfun
What toy do you currently have and how much are you willing to spend? I might want to recommend one you don't have in the list.
collegecouple collegecouple
I would hate to steer you in the direction of something you don't end up liking, so I'm hesitant to vote since I don't know much about the other ones, BUT I would absolutely vote against the clit exciter... It was so loud that all I could focus on was the buzzing! It could definitely be heard through a closed door and possibly from a different part of the house! The handle vibrated so much that it started to make my hand go numb after using it a while.

From personal experience, I would recommend a bullet with a controller if you're looking simply for clitoral stimulation because you could find a decent one in the price range you have (EF has one that lasted us a very long time!)

Sorry I couldn't be more help! Good luck on your search!
delanoche delanoche
I don't have experience with the other toys, but the TCB was a fun toy for clit stimulation and for insertion.
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by kaykay0427
I want a more powerful clit vibe than the one I have now and these are the closest candidates for my price range....
Though I've tried the clit exciter, I wasn't overly impressed and haven't seen it out much since. I have never tried the others.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Do you prefer direct stimulation or indirect stimulation? Do you require a lot of power to achieve climax or very little power? Sometimes cheap isn't always best. I haven't tried any of these.
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