Desire vs Fleur De Lis

Contributor: gorgeous gorgeous
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Is there a lot of difference between this desire and the Fleur De Lis silicone desire? I have been wanting to fleur de lis for a while but it has been discontinued
The only immediate difference I see is the material. Does anyone have both of these and can compare them?

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Contributor: mpfm mpfm
I don't own either Desire or Fleur de lis Desire, but I have Bliss and FDL Bliss from the same company. I also have FDL Silky G and FDL Delight. The Fleur De Lis line is made of silicone. They are very flexible-too flexible for me. They just bend too much against my body to be enjoyable. Of the three that I own Fleur De Lis Delight is the best. It's shape is a bit more solid so it doesn't bend as much. I am not sure how FDL Desire would be.

Evolved also sells the same designs in plastic. Bliss is the only one I have of these. Plastic is of course a hard material. I like it better than the silicone version because I can get the pressure I need. Plastic is still easy to clean.

Your enjoyment will depend on what your body likes. I need pressure so too much flexibility doesn't work for me.
Contributor: gorgeous gorgeous
Thanks! I might try this plastic one especially since the other is d/c'ed. If I don't like it its only $25. I've wasted that much before lol.