sweetpea12 sweetpea12
What's the most expensive toy you have ever bought? How much? When? Was it worth it?
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Kissy Kissy
about $100... worth it... probably!
Shellz31 Shellz31
Mine was AU$240 in actual cash.
sharksteak sharksteak
I won't go above $30. I'm a cheap bitch.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
My Lelo Liv was about $100 and well worth it IMO. I'd happily pay much more and will most likely have more expensive toys in the future when I can afford them. You get what you pay for in most cases.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I just ordered the Jopen intensity and that has a SRP of 249.99, but I haven't gotten it in yet.

The Eroscillator Top deluxe is 194.95 and then the soft fingertip attachment is 39.95 so thats 234.90 for one toy and it's so worth it.

I find the higher quality toys are usually:

Have great warrenties
More powerful

I consider all those features worth it to me.
Curiouscat Curiouscat
Mine was my Lelo Elise at $150 or so. Definitely well worth it. Going to buy a Jopen vibe soon that is around $230 or so.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Mine was tee Nexus iStim Electro-Stimulator. It cost $199.99 and it was last week. Yes it was well worth it.
Positwist Positwist
My FF Share was $100, though I paid significantly less. It was worth it for the price I paid, and it would have been worth it for full price.
Rossie Rossie
I don't have any really expensive toys, the one that cost the most so far is the Jopen Vanity Vr5 that I've bought a few days ago.
Missmarc Missmarc
A Form 6 so far.
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