Fairy Line of Vibrators Discontinued Help?

Contributor: Rhazya Rhazya
I notice 3/6 of them you can't even find by searching anymore on this site unless you follow a link from Google and then the product page says discontinued. The other three are out of stock. The Fairy Mini did have a in stock date of the 7/23, but now there's no date showing.

Does anyone know if the line actually has been discontinued or if Eden Fantasys has just stopped selling them? Also, any other places I could purchase that aren't outrageously priced? I understand if you can't (or shouldn't write it here, but perhaps it'd be okay over private message?

Minus the cord eventually fraying on the Fairy Mini it's been a wonderful toy. I made the mistake of buying what had to have been a knockoff that barely had any vrooms and lasted for one use only.

If anyone has any suggestions for a replacement for the Fairy Mini or Fairy Baby (both similar in vrooms/size/rechargeab le/electric) please let me know. (Preferably similar in price too.)
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Contributor: heezag heezag
good question, does anyone know?
Contributor: Rhazya Rhazya
I really would like to have a working Fairy Mini again. I've tried eBay twice now since Eden Fantasys hasn't gotten them back in stock.

First one was clearly a knockoff, not the same appearance/texture/pow er and it only survived one use. Thankfully got a refund.

Try number 2, it appears to be the real McCoy but it is dead on arrival. Contacted the seller and am waiting to see what they'll do.

I guess I will open up a support ticket to see if I can get a reply from this site as to whether or not the Fairy line has been discontinued or if when they'll have the Fairy Mini back in stock.

In the meantime-besides a Hitachi. Does anyone know of a electric wand with the same power and size as the Fairy Mini that perhaps I should start looking into?
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
Would you consider replacing your Fairy Mini with this Rechargeable Hitachi Style Wand? It received six 5 Stars rating, so it should be quite good. You can PM some of the reviewers if you need more information on it.