favorite attachment?

Contributor: AndromedaJane AndromedaJane
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What's your favorite attachment for this?
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Insightful breakdown of Vibrators for men:

Toy recommendations for beginners
I'm new to Eden and an amateur toy user as well, and I'm looking for recommendations for a beginner like myself. What are your absolute favorite Eden.

Any comments on this one?
I have always wanted to try a double vib, but im not sure about the quality of this one. Also, I have never use one of this before...so, any...

Where can I buy replacement batteries?
does anyone know where I can go for replacement batteries? instead of buying them online due to lack of money for online purchases i could possibly go

Acuvibe and attachments
Does anyone know if the attachments for the Hitachi will fit the Acuvibe?

I love the Sparkle vibes!
The perfect vibe to enhance sexual experience with your partner. Love this little vibe!
Contributor: SeductivelyCute SeductivelyCute
Originally posted by AndromedaJane
What's your favorite attachment for this?
I like the one thats just like a bubbled top.
Contributor: sexynola sexynola
I like the smooth round top or the top with the 12 numbs
Contributor: McCrispin McCrispin
Def the smooth one