Favorite Materials and Why

Favorite Materials and Why

FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
I'm brand new to the world of sex toys. I had one vibrator for years. It broke a few months ago. Replacing it turned into an adventure and I've been trying out a variety of toys.

Silicone has come to be my favorite material because it's so plush and flexible, but also easy to sanitize. The only con is that sex toys made from it tend to be a little more pricey. The Astrovibes Pisces was the toy that made me "come" to this realization. It happened to be on sale when I was shopping around, and I found the idea of zodiac-themed vibrators titillating.

Hard plastic has turned out to be my least favorite. Just not what I want to feel. I have the Dream Massager G, and the more I've used it, the more I've realized that I just don't like its rigidity.

What are your favorite and least favorite materials and why? Give examples of products too please!
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Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Silicone is our mutual favorite here too, especially toys made by Fun Factory and Vixen Creations. Reasons are they feel better, last longer, and are easy to sanitize.

My least favorite is jelly. I've had jelly vibes before and they felt nice, but I won't use anything jelly now simply because I'm sick of wasting condoms on toys. And it's not a material that I feel safe inserting otherwise.
Alan's least favorite (for penis sleeves) has always been PVC because it's usually sticky and sometimes smells too. I suspect that some of the "TPE" toys that certain companies sell are actually PVC.

TheSlyFox TheSlyFox
Glass is my favorite because of temperature play, but i also really like silicone for its bendiness, and jelly is my least favorite because it's impossible to sanitize.
AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
Like @AmberM glass is my favorite. I love the temperature play the smoothness of it and some of them are just so beautiful! Silicone would be my next favorite for all the reasons you mentioned. My favorite vibrator is the Zini Ran. The silicone on that toy is so amazingly soft.
My least favorite material is rubber. Every time I've used a rubber toy is chaps my skin.
- Kira - - Kira -
Count me in on the silicone bandwagon. I like that it has some give but not too much. My favorite products change like my underwear but right now I'm stuck on my Mimi and Vr3.

Least favorite is jelly because it makes my insides burn like someone put icy hot in me and gives me bladder infections. Condoms irritate me too so I can't use those to prevent it from happening. I like the squish but it's just not worth it.
Beck Beck
I only have one silicone toy. I have yet to use it.Glass has become my favorite material. Mainly my swell wand, because there is nothing like the feeling of cold glass. I purchased swell a little over a month ago now I have three glass pieces!

Least favorite is has to be Jelly also because you should use condoms with the toy. I think if I have to use a condom on a toy I am not buying it.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I love silicone, because it is firm with a little bit of give. However, I think I'm also going to really like Stainless Steel and Glass, once I try them. As far as I'm concerned, anything body safe is cool with me!
Glass and metal are my favorites. I like the weight, the rigidity, and the cold temperatures.
Ghost Ghost
Silicone - Comes in so many hardness-levels and textures, the possibilities are nearly endless. Easy to sanitize and care for.

Glass - Provides great pressure and there are many textures to choose from, depending on the mood. Also very easy to sanitize and care for, and great for temperature play.

Stainless Steel - Similiar to glass but holes temperature better.

Aluminum - Similar to glass and steel, but much lighter weight.

Ceramic - Provides great pressure, but is more fragile. However, these dildos are hollow and can sometimes be filled with water and stoppered, for a very interesting sensation. I often find that I prefer these to be handmade to my specifications. Easy to sanitize, but not as easy to care for (you can't throw these around)

Stone - Beautiful, solid, and you can do whatever you want with them and they will not bend or break!
FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
Originally posted by Beck
I only have one silicone toy. I have yet to use it.Glass has become my favorite material. Mainly my swell wand, because there is nothing like the feeling of cold glass. I purchased swell a little over a month ago now I have three glass pieces! ...
I'm curious to try glass. I'm not certain if I'll like it, simply because I'm not as fond of rigid toys, but the idea of temperature play appeals to me. The swell wand looks pretty nice. I read your review. I might try this one out.
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