First toy problems...

First toy problems...

improbableomnicide improbableomnicide
I need help! I seriously have no clue which toy to get...I'm so indecisive that I don't even know what kind I should go for!

All I know is I'd like something safe, so maybe silicone, and quiet since I live in dorms (but I know I still need something with a little kick), my price range is up to $30, maybe $35 if it's worth it.

So which toy would you recommend for a first timer? I'm open to anything, just as long as it buzzes!

Veterans of EF, help a gal out!
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Fluke Fluke
That's a pretty tall order. Better vibrations usually comes with more noise and dorm room walls might as well not exist.

I found two that meet your criteria, I can't give you any personal recommendations but most vibrators these days are the expensive luxury ones and they can easily be hit or miss depending on what stimulation you like.

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