Fur handcuffs - pink – handcuffs

Contributor: elmo elmo
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Are these better with fur?
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Contributor: Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
Originally posted by elmo
Are these better with fur?
I like using them with fur rather than without the fur, personally. But it probably varies depending on the person.
Contributor: DeeDaw DeeDaw
I like just plain metal handcuffs. I would think that the fur would get too hot after a bit. But, it all depends on peoples' preferencea.
Contributor: Brandonn Brandonn
Originally posted by elmo
Are these better with fur?
i'd definitely use these on my gf's. I also have a steel pair.
Contributor: dkerley dkerley
Originally posted by elmo
Are these better with fur?
it depends to each and every person's likes/dislikes in the bedroom play
Contributor: bh253 bh253
So much more comfortable with fur!
Contributor: Beautybyme Beautybyme
Originally posted by elmo
Are these better with fur?
to me yes
Contributor: mistressg mistressg
I reviewed them. I didn't really like them, personally. However, if you like those sorts of cuffs, I find them more comfortable than regular, easily escapable cuffs because the fabric makes it so the cuffs don't dig into wrists so much.
Contributor: LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
More comfortable with fur
Contributor: krystalmarie krystalmarie
i would like the fur