Gigi or Iris?

Gigi or Iris?

Caspar Caspar
So.. I've never owned an insertable vibe before. The only vibe I have ever owned is a pocket rocket.

I'm looking for something for my Gspot, as that is one of the major ways I achieve orgasm, but I'm also looking for something I can use for clitoral stimulation.

I have read reviews and watched any and all video reviews I can find on both, and I'm still sitting on the fence.. I love the Gigi's small size and shape, but I also love the size and ridges of the Iris..

Does anyone here own both who can shed some insight on this?
Which do you like more, and for what reason?
Which would be best for a beginner?
Are the ridges on the iris soft or can they be annoying?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
First off, I love my Gigi. However, a lot of people complain that attempting to thrust Gigi up against their g-spot results in painful pulling on their pubic bone. My g-spot is further up, right by my vaginal entrance, so I don't have to deal with that problem; still, it's something to consider.

As for the Iris, I don't own her, but that's because I hear she's a little on the big side.

Lelo's silicone is soft and velvety, but their vibrators don't have any give (that is, they don't bend,) because of the way the motors are placed.
Liz2 Liz2
I have been using the Gigi for almost two years; for me it seems to just dive for my g spot, providing unrelenting pleasure...I am a g spot girl. It also is great on my clit.
I don't have the Iris and agree totally with Backseat B as appearing too big and I don't know how it would work with my g spot but all Lelo toys deliver great vibes.
Raven Raven
I'm one of those who can't use the Gigi for g-spot stimulation because it does pull a little too much on the pubic bone, to the point that whatever pleasure I might receive is overridden by the discomfort. I do use it for clit play, though. I just have to pay attention and try to keep my fingers away from the control--not easy. But if my hubby uses it on me, that is not so much a problem.

The Iris is too big for me, also.
tim1724 tim1724
My girlfriend really, really loves her Gigi. She uses it for both G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. In the last few days she's been using it on her clit while I have a few fingers inside her ... Sort of ironic, but it works well for her. (But of course she also loves using it on her G-spot while I'm licking her.)

Gigi is very slender, which can be good if you're not used to larger toys. Iris is quite a bit larger, which is good if you like be feeling more full.
meezerosity meezerosity
I love my gigi. I was tempted by Iris but it seemed like the ridges would be irritating and too large for my liking.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I own Iris and LOVE her. I have Gigi arriving tomorrow, so I'll be able to answer better once I have given her a try.
In my opinion, ya can't go too wrong with a Lelo!
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