Good Substitutes for the Rabbit Habit?

Good Substitutes for the Rabbit Habit?

Philia Philia
I'm writing my first review of a product that doesn't include the word "Love" in the first line. It's a product I kind of hate: the Rabbit Habit (RH). I'm trying to figure out whether these cons just go with the territory on this kind of rabbit vibe, or whether there are better options out there. (Here I'll define "better" as "not having the things that annoy me about the RH," which I know isn't entirely fair.) So ... do you have recommendations for products that don't have these cons? Or are they just intrinsic to "classic" rabbit vibes?

--frankly, the thing that puts me over the edge with this one is the sound--not the loudness per se, but the number of different sounds. I feel like it's simultaneously going "whrrrr" and "WHRRR!!!" and "NEE/nrr, NEE/nrr" so that I feel like I'm on a construction site (you know, that cliche sound effect with the hammering, sawing, and drilling all going on at once) or on some kind of weird life support machine (so I find it annoying AND creepy). For the review, I'm giving it 3 Bees, but if you could give toys something like 3 for volume/quantity of sound and 5 for irritation/quality of sound, I'd do that.

Other cons of the Rabbit Habbit:
--material could be safer/less porous -- I assume there are "classic rabbits" out there made of silicone or other, safer materials than elastomer. Right??
--design. The RH is probably cute to some people, but to me it screams "I'm embarrassed to have actually purchased a sex toy, but ... hey, look! This gag gift from my wedding shower somehow found its way into my bedside table." So I'd love to hear from people who like the "cute" options and think others are cuter, and from people who prefer "cooler" options, and what alternative suggestions you'd have.
--durability? The RH seems pretty flimsy, especially around the base. Any sturdier ones?
--good waterproof ones?

Basically I feel like this is a very popular vibe, but I'm not sure WHY (other than that it's the classic). I can't imagine that there aren't a lot of products out there, in the same price range, that do a better job of what the RH does.

Suggestions? Ideas? Condolences?

I'd love to hear your input!

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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Here is a selection of silicone, waterproof rabbit vibes. When browsing, you can use the options to the left of the page to narrow down your choices to specific qualities. It's a useful tool, so fiddle around with it whenever you shop.

Many rabbit vibes (and indeed, many vibes in general) are manufactured in Japan, where it's illegal to produce completely realistic sex toys, so there has to be some workaround in order to avoid legal action. This is why many rabbits have little faces on the shaft, and use cutesy animals as clitoral stimulators. So that's where that got started. Other companies (like Fun Factory) use cute, discreet designs to make sex toys less intimidating, not just for the self-conscious user but for anyone else who might come across the toy. It's sad that some people feel they need that, but if it helps them get past their inhibitions and enjoy their toys, I'm all for it.

As for my opinion on the cute designs... well, I love 'em. I like some toys for being sleek and sexy, while others get love because they're cute. I own several from both categories, and I love them all.
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