Help! - Doc Johnson Hop'n Rabbit Stroker & Cliterrific Cup?

Help! - Doc Johnson Hop'n Rabbit Stroker & Cliterrific Cup?

QSBybakd QSBybakd
I posted a thread yesterday asking about slim vibes with extra functions, and since then I have found two that are very appealing to me.

The first is the Hop'n Rabbit Stroker. I'm asking about this one because on the official Doc Johnson site link, the circumference is listed as 3.77" (Which would be slightly less than 1 1/4" in diameter, just about *perfect* for me), whereas here the diameter is listed as 1 5/8", which would be significantly larger. The first toy I ordered from edenfantasies was a jelly vibe listed at 1 1/4", but most of the shaft was actually much slimmer as it tapered down, which I liked. So I'm thinking maybe the girth is only that thick at the base? Can anyone who has used this toy clarify for me?

The second is the Cliterrific Cup link. I love this because its cute, small, and rotates (yay!) I'm curious about the cup at the end. Anyone who has used it, did the cup add anything to the experience? Why exactly is it there? It apparently doesn't have a bullet in the shaft, but if the cup provides good G-spot stimulation along with the rotations (are they strong?) then I can deal with that.
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Kkay Kkay
I can't answer your questions, but I can say that I would never pay $70 for a jelly vibrator. It breaks down too quickly and poses too many problems.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Here is the Hop'n rabbit on Eden: link the reviews might give you more information.

I can't help as I've had two Doc Johnson products and hated them both so I try to not buy from them anymore.

I do agree though that I would not pay $70 for a jelly toy.
Antipova Antipova
I know Kendra loves her Cliterrific Cup---have you read her review?

I can't use jelly myself, so I can't be of much help to you.
QSBybakd QSBybakd
Thanks a ton guys. Yes, it seems that the Hop'n Rabbit is larger than listed on the Doc Johnson site, just telling from the review here. And I wasn't aware that Jelly broke down easily, just that it could not be sterilized and attracted dust, so thanks for the info.

With that said, I think the only rotating toy for my size is the Cliterrific cup, and the reviews for that one are great. So I think I just might give it a shot!

I will always keep my fingers crossed for a small silicone toy that rotates, though. The Amorous apparently has shallow rotation and a grabby texture, on top of being at the upper edge of my size threshold, so I'll have to pass on that one.
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