How to pick the best rabbit vibrator?

How to pick the best rabbit vibrator?

Bandomar Bandomar
Hey folks...needing some feedback here.

I'm in the market for a rabbit for the significant other. (not the type that eats carrots, but batteries instead)

Ordinarily, I would consult with the significant other about what she wants in particular, but in this case, this is to be a sort of surprise gift to her so I can't exactly ask all sorts of pointed questions up front. (No puns intended!)

After getting a eyeful of the possibilities here at Edenfantasys, I realized I'm at a complete loss.

I want something durable that can stand repeated use without breaking, and doesn't have too many features on it. Some options are ideal but I've seen a couple with more choices on it than a menu at a restaurant. I know my significant other well enough to know that too many choices like that would end up turning her off to using the thing, ever.

I'm looking to keep it under $100 in USD, if possible. That's not necessarily a make-or-break factor however. If it's just a good buy and it's a bit over $100 I can certainly handle that.

Do any of you folks who have experience with these things have any recommendations, tips or advice in purchasing one of these?

If so, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance.
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Nazaress Nazaress
This is INCREDIBLY tough, especially since you want to keep it a secret. There is no other toy that is more anatomy-dependent than a rabbit (especially if it has a G-spot head). It's hard to say if the clitoral attachment will reach and satisfy her. I have a small clitoris, for example, and many rabbits simply cannot make it there. Perhaps you should "inspect" her and see what you think would work best for her.

My best advice is to steer clear of actual "rabbits" and any other rabbit vibe with a similar clitoral attachment. Stick to rabbit vibes that have a broader clitoral attachment like this, this, and this. Or better yet, you could get her something like this or this which will hit her clitoris no matter what. They're a little more involved, though, as you might have to hold the clitoral attachment in place.

Some other advice is that if you get her a rabbit with a G-spot head to it, feel for yourself (if you catch my drift) how far in her G-spot is so the rabbit you pick will reach it. Try to find out how sensitive her clitoris and G-spot are and pick something accordingly. The best material you can get for a rabbit is silicone. If you want something that is safe for her body, easy to clean, and will last forever, stick with silicone and especially avoid materials such as jelly.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
The size of her clit and it's location relative to her vagina are vital to the "fit" of a rabbit. The best thing to do is to figure out with your hand the shape and size she would need as discreetly as you can during playtime and try and find something that looks like it matches up. Rabbits are incredibly individual items. I agree to stick with silicone for safety and longevity. Also try and figure out what kind of vibrations she likes if she already has toys. If she likes weaker on her clit and stronger inside or vice versa, as opposed to the same strength on both, you'll want to look for something with independently controlled vibrations or read the reviews to see what models have vibrations centered more in one than the other and things. Knowing her anatomy will be key though to finding one that will fit her.
Bandomar Bandomar
Nazaress, Charletnarouh, thank you two for the input, so much!

I think you two have a common thread of thought that's great advice for determining what to pick..and that's "fitting" the rabbit to her. I've been donig some discrete "measuring" with my hands and fingers to get relative ideas..then going off and measuring those distances with a ruler to get hard measurements to search for.


It's a great idea and in retrospect, should have been completely obvious. I guess it's the trees and forest thing all over.

Nazaress..some of the suggestions you made are shaping up to be ideal. I'm still looking but some of the things there at least on a surface inspection seem to be good candidates. Thank you for making suggestions. It's at least a good place to start working from.

Charletnarouh..she's most fond of clitoral stimulation and slightly less strong inside from my observation so the suggestion of independently controlled vibrations is pretty much gold. Thank you for that.
Nazaress Nazaress
Originally posted by Bandomar
Nazaress, Charletnarouh, thank you two for the input, so much!

I think you two have a common thread of thought that's great advice for determining what to pick..and that's "fitting" the rabbit to her. I've been donig ...
No problem! Just keep in mind that if you're going the silicone route, silcone and TPR silicone are NOT the same thing. TPR silicone is TPR/TPE (the material that the latter two are made of) mixed with silicone. Silicone is completely non-porous whereas TPR silicone is porous (though less so than some other materials). It's not as high of a quality and can usually have a TPR smell to it. If you want actual quality, get 100% silicone. It will say what it's made of on the product page. Also, if you get a silicone toy, do not use silicone lubricant on it. Only water-based lubricant is compatible with silicone.

Good luck! I really hope you find something nice for your significant other.
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