I am very new to the rabbit world, any suggestions besides the VR12?

I am very new to the rabbit world, any suggestions besides the VR12?

MrsandMrbunnysoffun MrsandMrbunnysoffun
Vanity Vr12 review
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This one looks delicious to me, I need a lot of clitoral stimulation. I have recently been checking up on the different rabbits, wondered if you have suggestions?
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Jenn (aka kissmykitty) Jenn (aka kissmykitty)
If you need a lot of clitoral stimulation, in terms of direct contact as well as power I'd recommend any of these:

Platinum Jack Rabbit


Zini Zook

Of the three, the Platinum Jack Rabbit may be the most "basic", but it certainly gets the job done, and it's a great starter rabbit vibrator, in my opinion.
edeneve edeneve
this is a great Rabbit

Vanity Vr10.5
SMichelle SMichelle
I would highly recommend the Jopen Vr6.5, or the Vr.5.5. I'm so not a rabbit girl, but I love those two.

Jenn recommended FiFi above... I have Fifi, and it's pretty good, but I'm not sure I'd agree that it offers direct contact. I really don't get much clitoral stimulation from that at all unless I push on the ears (which don't have much flex at all).
Silverwinds Silverwinds
This is a really good question! I'd like to see some more answers as well, as I like a lot of pressure on my clit, something that a lot of rabbits don't have. I have the Zini Hua, which is absolutely amazing for me in terms of direct stimulation, although it is pretty anatomy dependent.
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