I think my husband loves to kill my vibrators (or take them apart)

I think my husband loves to kill my vibrators (or take them apart)

Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Ok - so I am joking - but he does like to take them apart once they're dead or we've decided we hate them.

Since I've been asked about this by more than one person - here is what Katsumi's Revenge of the Sea Rabbit looks like - the red things are the beads inside:

Here is what Stevie looked like (Rock Star Stevie) when he came apart ... I want to cry whenever I see him.

Basically, when my husband who has huge and strong hands went to remove Stevie (I was standing up - not laying down) - the silicone got removed from the base. He's trying to figure out a body-safe way to reglue it - but we have Stevie II on order...
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namelesschaos namelesschaos
Thanks for sharing the picture, always interesting to the see the inner parts of things.
Antipova Antipova
Oh wow, thank you! Great and very interesting information. I wouldn't have guessed Stevie was hollow.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Originally posted by Antipova
Oh wow, thank you! Great and very interesting information. I wouldn't have guessed Stevie was hollow.
Actually - the motor is down in his tip. I think that is why he is so much better than Katsumi's which only has that little bearing or whatever up on top.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stevie....missed him so much last night when we went to have fun.

He better hurry up and get here (I almost did overnight delivery - that's how much I like him!)
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I probably forgot to mention - we'd been using him almost every day for over 2 weeks and still hadn't had to change his batteries!
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I really should have dissected more than one toy before emptying the Box of Shame. It's so fun to look at how things work!

Hmm... that vibe I got for free was a bust... I think you just gave me my activity for the weekend.
Missmarc Missmarc
My BF loves to take apart things...when they don't work that is
- Kira - - Kira -
Cool pictures! I've never taken any of mine apart before. Interesting to see the insides.
PervyPixie PervyPixie
Must not let hubby see this post, cool as it may be. My vibes would probably get butchered after a "Of course I can put them together again!"
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
My honey loves to take things apart and I once got him a mug that said, "If it isn't broken, take it apart and lose some of the pieces...then it will be!"

My mom used to joke that he broke the flight simulators (at work) just so he could fix them.

For those who have wondered - my honey is a flight simulator technician so he's used to working with electronics and wiring and stuff.
js250 js250
We do that as well!! And make new toys with some of them. It is way cool when our inventions are great toys!!
PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
You can use SUPER GLUE which is (Cyanoacrylate) in a medium viscosity to perhaps repair your product if it still works but only separated or cracked. This stuff really works and can glues anything from plastic, wood, metal and just about anything except maybe for glass. I haven't been able to glue glass together yet.

It comes in thin, medium, or thick viscosity. The consistency of thin is quite runny; medium is better; and thick a slow drip texture like syrup. The dry times are very critical though because the thin dries in about 5 seconds; medium dries somewhere between 5 to 15 seconds; and thick between 20 to 30 seconds.

You can find this stuff in hobby centers where big-boy model toy planes and other fun toys are sold.

WARNING: Don't get this stuff on your fingers or hands because you can glue them together and is very hard to separate!
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
HE KILLED ANOTHER ONE....and yes...I AM yelling.

I've been sick so we haven't had sex in a couple of days. Rock Star Stevie had just arrived and we wanted to play so I needed a warm up toy.

Apparently when he soaked the toys the other day - he killed our Butterfly Kiss (our first toy). There is water in the motor and it won't run.

He took it off the motor and we stuck a bullet inside the sleeve that makes the butterfly kiss but no joy as far as how it worked before.

I swear I'm gonna strangle the man.

I'll share pictures later this week.
lost686girl lost686girl
he must be jealous of them!
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
My boyfriend and I do the same, but not limited to sex toys. We pull apart everything. My ps3 stopped working today and now its separated in a bunch of pieces on the floor. My dad is the same way, so I must get it from him. I just like knowing how things work and stuff like that.
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