If it's waterproof, does that mean it's safe for use in the bathtub-or does it depend?

Contributor: Sera Sera
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I guess it would depend on how waterproof it is, wouldn't it? But what if you don't know until you try it?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Is a toy being waterproof important to you?
Personally I think it's important, I'm always scared of getting lube or bodily fluids in the wrong places on non-waterproof toys! :/ And it's nice to.

G4 Big Boss Vs Waterproof jack rabbit
I would like to find out which product is more likely to get a person to orgasm. Also which toy you can use in more ways.

Best waterproof vib?
I want a great waterproof vib. A strong one. Any favorites out there?

Waterproof, really? Or is it just me?
I have 2 Evolved toys that are both listed as waterproof and yet they have both broken because water got into the battery compartment and ruined them.

Waterproof or splash proof?
Can you submerge this toy or is it just for 'shower' use?
Contributor: Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I would read the reviews, as most reviewers will include how tight the waterproof seal on the battery compartment is, and in addition, will text if it is entirely waterproof or just splash proof.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
You can also tell by looking at it, unfortunately you usually have to get your hands on it first.

The buttons are a good first check. If you can see any space than it's probably not waterproof.
Contributor: CarrieC CarrieC
Originally posted by Sera
I guess it would depend on how waterproof it is, wouldn't it? But what if you don't know until you try it?
Mines on the last legs of its life (I've had it for quite awhile) so maybe I'll test it out and report back.
Contributor: Tripod95 Tripod95
It appears to be waterproof.
Contributor: Cherrylane Cherrylane
You can also shoot the manufacturer an email.

I've definitely learned that "waterproof" doesn't always been bath-safe or "submergible."

Seconding looking into what reviews have to say about it.