Important information on batteries. The performance of your toys depends on it!!

Important information on batteries. The performance of your toys depends on it!!

Squirtie Squirtie
I just received my first assignment (California Exotics vibrator) in the mail. I was nearly in awe of how poorly it performed. When I went to change the batteries (I had put in the first batch in the dark) that was when I noticed that it was packaged with the wrong type of batteries! Wrong type being material, not size.

I was sent "heavy duty" batteries which are zinc-carbon. "Heavy duty" is a very misleading term considering they are the least effective batteries available today. These types of batteries should really only be used in very low powered things such as remotes, small radios, battery powered alarm clocks, basically anything that you rarely need to change the battery in.

Alkaline batteries (such as Energizer, Duracell, and store brands that state alkaline on them) are zinc manganese oxide. These are the proper type of batteries to use in something that uses a lot of power like vibrators. Basically an alkaline battery has 300% more power available to you (mAh is power, voltage will be the same) and alkaline batteries have a much longer shelf life. This can even affect the strength of something like a vibrator!

To make a long story short: do not use "heavy duty" batteries in your toys, use alkaline only. Also if you are using rechargeable batteries, use NiMh rather than NiCad (nickel-metal hydride, not nickel cadmium) and remember that rechargeable batteries usually need to be replaced after a year on average (you'll notice they start to not be as "juicy")

I can't even imagine how many toys may have been packaged with "heavy duty" batteries and rated poorly and even thrown out just because a company that is selling electronics didn't bother to research batteries! Since this is my first experience receiving a toy from California Exotics, maybe my particular vibrator is the exception and not the rule. I truly hope so.

I understand they're probably trying to save money, but it really compromises the entire product. I could save money by stuffing avocado pits up my twat instead of smartballs, that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Do other California Exotics toys generally come with batteries? I mean other than N size and button cell? Do other brands send out "heavy duty" batteries? I've never had a toy included with batteries before this.
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
The only toy I ever got with a battery in it (besides watch type and N) was the hello kitty vibe and I can't remember what type it was.

But I had to comment, anyhow, cuz the avacado pits up the twat thing? Made my morning. I laughed out loud.
ScottA ScottA
I wonder if the avocados offer the same health benefits when used that way?

It's been hit and miss with my toys, one came with zinc-carbon and another other (a California Exotics product) came with Duracell alkaline/ZnMnO. My "Type N" bullet vibe is alkaline, and who knows with the button cell vibes (might be ZnMmO, might be Silver Oxide, but probably ZnMnO)
ScottA ScottA
Swap Mg for Mn - I'm still waking up.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Hmm you know, this is something I think about a bit.. I used some batteries which a retailer sent with the toy. I should try it with -my- batteries just to check if it makes a difference.
~*SurrealisticFantasy*~ ~*SurrealisticFantasy*~
I usually use batteries that say they're for high-tech items, like digital cameras and such - they pack a lot of punch and last a hell of a lot longer, noticeably more than a regular alkaline battery. Ones like the Duracell Ultra Digital batteries or the Energizer Lithiums are usually what I use.
Angel deSanguine Angel deSanguine
I use lithiums as well, they last much longer and I have also noticed that they juice up the vibes a lot. They do cost more, but they last so much longer it's worth it, especially when you purchase them at Sam's Club, they're quite a bit cheaper there.
iLashe iLashe
thanks for the heads up, that makes sense unfortunately that companies save money on 'included' gifts a lot. Happens with C.D. players and stuff, I use lithium too for vibrators or rechargeable. Lithium works really well, 2nd on the sams club, though i don't appreciate the franchise.
DeeDaw DeeDaw
The rechargables I use are NiMH; Rayovac Platinum. And the size N batteries I get are Alkaline; Duracell. Thank you for bringing that to my attention though. that is really useful information to have.
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