Double penetration toy or butt plug?

Trying to introduce my friend to the world of sex toys and i need others opinions on which is better and why.

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Contributor: Your Pleasurable Bliss Your Pleasurable Bliss
double penetration or the plug
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Contributor: Inquisitor Inquisitor
Just a few questions and one assumption before I answer your question.

First, I'm assuming your female friend has had some experience with anal penetration and finds it enjoyable. If your friend hasn't I'd like to encourage your friend to learn more about it. If done carefully, it can be a pleasant experience.

Second, are we only limited to these two options that are listed above or can we offer other suggestions?

Third, how many toys or aids does your friend already own? If your friend doesn't own any, perhaps you might want to start off with something that requires less preparation than anal might.

Finally, can the toys you've mentioned above be found on this website? I'm unfamiliar with the toys you've mentioned above. I'd like to take a look at them before I comment.
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
A plug might be a easier way to experience this pleasure. If not enough , perhaps try the dble penetrator. The mechanics would be easier with the plug. Of course you may need to find the right plug. Check out reviews on the joys by female reviewers. The one you mentioned does look nice !
Contributor: AlaskanBeauty AlaskanBeauty
I am all for douple penetration, Tantus had a nice dildo for it i cant remember the name