Jopen vs Eden : Price or power?

Contributor: augma augma 11/18/2016

Made a poll before this, really wanted to use the images from the site. Forgot this existed. Whoops!

Eden's own silicone rabbits are less costly than Jopen.
Jopen has a higher vroom rating across the board.

Really looking for a quality silicone rabbit, but could use the extra money if I went with the cheaper Eden one. Is it well worth it to buy the more expensive Jopen? Has anyone had any experience with their Eden silicone rabbit not working powerfully, or not lasting long? Equally has anyone had experience with a Jopen not lasting long?

These toys are way expensive, and I would pay for the higher priced Jopen if it means the vibration is better and it will last longer. Will the Eden version do me just fine?

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Contributor: augma augma
Which Jopen do I go for? Or are one of these Eden toys really good for the price?
Please comment below with any more information you might have about these products. If you have experience with multiples of these products, you can select more than one.
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Contributor: Lvstoplay Lvstoplay
I've used several of Eden's toys and they are usually fine. Eden's brand toys are usually fairly strong, compared to most brands, however from what I've heard Jopen may be stronger - though I doubt you'll need stronger on average unless you really like powerful toys.
Contributor: AlaskanBeauty AlaskanBeauty
I LOVE JOPEN! and Vanity VR7 is the best one when considering function/price. I bought about 5 of this trouout the years for myself and as a gift.