Looking for reccs for my "first" vibrator.

Contributor: Nissa Nissa Nissa Nissa
I say "first" because I've mainly been into clit stimulation but now I want to play with internal. I have a cheap rabbit that I got free with purchase from another site and I like the way the rotating beads feel along with the head so that leads me to believe I might like internal vibration too.

So, where do I start? Which toy would your recommend that is good quality (big brands are ok with me) and should I go for a rabbit style?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Originally posted by Nissa Nissa
I say "first" because I've mainly been into clit stimulation but now I want to play with internal. I have a cheap rabbit that I got free with purchase from another site and I like the way the rotating beads feel along with the head so ... more
Dear Callisto, welcome!
I'm the Community Manager around here, so if you want any help or have any questions, I would be excited to help.

Regarding your inquiry, I have plenty of suggestions.

First of all, I wanna offer you an analog of the rabbit you already have, but I say we class it up a bit. Meet Layla - she's a tender beaut that packs a gorgeous set of rotating beads in the shaft. They go merry-round, massaging the inside walls of your v-jay-jay without missing a spot. Its bulbous shape guarantees a bursting G-spot climax. The rabbit attachment on that thing is also super revved-up so you won't be short on screaming Os.

My second offer is something a bit pricier and fancier. It's a fabulous turn on usual rabbits - the outstanding Aurora is a piece of luxury you really wanna treat yourself with. Aurora's shape is ultra ergonomic, providing a rich G-spot spur and very precise clit stimulation. But here's the best thing - the shaft on this baby warms up! Caressing your G-spot with warming waves, it aggravates the blood flow, engorges it and makes it 100% more receptive. High-tech for our orgasms - not bad, huh?

Anywho, I can see you're sorta on the fence about inner stimulation, so here's an out-of-the-box suggestion. Meet the Wicked Bunny - our funnest little toy. It's so discreet you don't have to put it away, because literally no one would look at this adorable little babe and think: "Ooh, that's a sex toy!" The coolest thing about Wicked Bunny is that both of its ears are jazzed-up with vibration, and the base, as well! This means sooo many ways of creative stimulation I wouldn't even dare to describe them - I won't have enough space. It's incredible both in outer and inner spur, depending on what's your mood is on that given moment.

Now, the last but not the least, one that doesn't need a lot of build-up - the mighty Womanizer. You say you're in for big brands, and it's the biggest it gets in the field of supreme women's orgasms. Revolutionary technology that imitates oral sex will shoot you through the roof in 5 minutes or less - no jokes here, not even a marketing trick, there are really a lot of videos all over the internet of women trying the Womanizer and finishing off in 3-4 minutes in a way that they never deemed was possible before. Well, the original model lack in the inner stimulation department so here's an even bigger scoop - they have a new version. Womanizer InsideOut is their freshest release, and it's ground-breaking. With that magnificent oral mojo technology comes a lush G-spot massage from a not-very-thick but shockingly-well-built shaft.

I really hope at least one of these options is up your alley - because I must admit that I love them all. Please let me know if you want some additional guidance or more options - I will gladly provide you with both. Have a lovely day!
Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
I think rabbit vibrators is absolutely a way to go! The best thing of rabbit vibrators is they simultaneously stimulate clitoris and G-spot, which is super great for achieving body-shaking orgasm! Plus if there are rotating beads, they help to intensify sensations!

GingerAnn provides us with amazing suggestions! All of these products deserve to be tried out!

And I have a few interesting ideas too! I suppose since you're more into clit stimulation The Saiph with its outstanding clitoral attachment is what you need to begin to indulge yourself with an internal one!

Also, I'd like to suggest our brand new toy lovely Aura! It's not only looking great but also powerful and very much enjoyable plus it's equipped with rotating beads!
Contributor: NinaH NinaH
Eden wild bunny wasn't my first vibrator overall, but it was first I had heavenly pleasure with! The stimulation, the sensation it provides are unbelievable!!! I guess it will be at the top of my list forever! And I highly recommend you to give it a try!