Looking For Some Rumbly Vibes....

Looking For Some Rumbly Vibes....

Envy Envy
So I'm looking for a vibrator that's rumbly and not so much buzzy. I have the Lelo Gigi and I would like something like that. It's great and I like it, but i am a clit gal and the surface area of it is too vast, I need something more pinpoint. For Gspotting, my spot is way too far up inside and sadly the Gigi can't reach it well.

I have been looking at various clit vibes but am unsure of what to get. I have seen great reviews on the Siri and Mimi, and average reviews on the Zini Seed.

Does anyone know of any vibes that are similar or stronger to the Gigi in vibration? I prefer something for the clit, but I guess gpost would work, too, considering it can be used on the clit and doesn't have a lot of surface area.

Also, i don't mind so much batteries or recharging. Waterproof is not totally needed but a plus, and the smaller the better. just please, no funky batters like N ones, and I have a ton of watch batters so that's fine, but most vibes that take those I know are buzzy....

Oh and smooth textures, please!

Any suggestions?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We have recently acquired the Form 2 and Mimi. The Form 2 would be a good toy if were not for the 'glitch' that cause it to go crazy when pressure is applied in the 'wrong way'. I bought the Mimi because it's a similar design but with out he glitch.

Typically before we start I place 4-5 clit vibes near my wife so that when she wants one they are within reach. We've only had it a week - but the Mimi is the one she reaches for most - in second place would be the Mystic Wand.

I cannot compare to the Gigi - but we have the Elise and my wife has never liked it. Ours was never strong enough to do the job.

I can make you a good deal on the Form 2 or Elise!

Happy hunting!
Rumbly is not my subject, but I was just replying to a similar question elsewhere, so I'll go ahead and give you the link I gave her. Rumbly Vibe Thread. Hope that helps.
Envy Envy
Thanks that helps a lot! I see the Tango mentioned a lot on that thread, and I've actually been eying the Salsa to be more pinpont, so I might go with one of those, thanks!
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