Luxury Toys: Are they worth the price?

Luxury Toys: Are they worth the price?

Bex1331 Bex1331
What is your favorite luxury toy? Is it really all that different from your others? What makes it stand out as "luxury" and why is it better than anything else?

For the purposes of this discussion lets say any toy over $100 is "luxury."
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
Vibrators are generally not, IMO. Many of the expensive ones are really weak. I have a few awesome $100+ dildos that were totally worth the money though. Why I like them:

Nobessence Seduction - Handmade and unique, very intense and filling because of the hardness of the material, great g-spot stimulation, beautiful.

Crystal Delights Twist - Handmade, excellent g-spot pressure, totally different to everything else, beautiful to look at.

Vixen Creations Maverick - Handmade, the most realistic material that I have felt, huge (can be hard to find bigger realistic dildos made from quality materials).

I don't mind having to pay more if it's a toy I think I will really like. Since they're quality materials, they can last a very long time if cared for.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I'm going to go a wee bit under your given price (though most places do sell this one for over $100) and say the VixSkin Tex is my favorite. Also known as "the toy Rin will not shut up about." It's made of wonderful high-quality dual-density silicone, easy to care for, and shaped perfectly for me and can hit all my money spots pretty much at once. What's not to love?

The high cost is a result of it being hand-made and dual-density, so I don't gripe about the price. Plus Vixen Creations has a lifetime warranty on all their toys (though I've lost my receipt, so I don't know if I can take advantage of that), never mind the fact that pure silicone can last a lifetime anyway. I'll happily pay a lot for something that will help bring me fantastic orgasms for the rest of my life.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
i love the Lelo Smart Wand. totally worth the price tag. I love the material, design, and controls. not to mention the great warranty. I am addicted to luxury items now. they seem to be a better investment.
js250 js250
It varies. I love the Zini Ran but hate the Roae. I have the Uma, but it broke immediately, waiting for replacement. I have a few others, and it depends on what you are looking for in a toy. The glass is worth the cost, though.
Gracie Gracie
I think some are and some aren't. If a toy fits you well and meets your needs then I certainly think a luxury toy is a great value! But I do think some toys are over priced.
Zombirella Zombirella
I love my Mimi, Salsa and Tango. I think they are worth the price for the strength and being rechargeable and the safety of them. I like that they are quiet and waterproof. I haven't found a toy that will work for me and that is up to my tastes. I like power. I also like Uma and G-Ki and the G-4 Tiger for internal vibrators. With the discount you can get here on EF along with points, it's worth it to me.
brevado brevado
Some really are. A lot of the Lelo line is included. But some are overpriced crap that's made cheaply in China.
Ms. N Ms. N
I am going to agree with solitudinarian and say that for me, the vibes are not really worth it. I have three $100+ toys - Vr9, Vitality, and Freestyle G-spot, and none of them are that exceptional. I am thinking that perhaps I just don't really need internal vibrations because the best luxury toy I own far...the Pure Wand. I love it with every fiber of my being.
indiechick indiechick
Some are great and some aren't. I'd look for the Best toy inside a price range that you are comfortable with because I believe that you can find a good toy at almost any level. I recently got the Zini Deux and while it is a really fun product with a lot of purposes, I would never have paid $170 for it, even though it is so multi functional. Where as I've had some toys. (the high-intensity bullet for example) That is so amazing for me that I would have paid more for it.
Beck Beck
I love my Luxury toys and really don't think I can ever go back to buying $10.00 bullets. The Jopen toys are my favorite. No luxury toy is going to give you intense power and rock your socks off. But what it is going to give you is a quality toy, high quality material, decent vibrations, it'll be rechargeable, and come with a one year warranty. They are worth it. Especially, when you calculate how much money you put into a toy with purchasing batteries.
Dangerous Lilly Dangerous Lilly
I don't hold the "rechargeable&quo t; tag up on a pedestal anymore. When you get sick of the toy, or if you never liked it, or when it finally dies (and rechargeable batteries don't last forever) you throwing it out is terrible for the environment. Much worse than the standard AA batteries, which have been made safer for landfills.

I've been disappointed with 80% of my luxury vibes. For the vibrators covered in a silicone skin....why? Unless its covering up a moving thing. Take the Lelo Mona. That could be all velvet-cote plastic and it would perform and feel the same. Same for many (most) of the Picobong line (not exactly luxury, but still overpriced). The vibrations are usually not as intense (except for that one Vanity, the VR6, which powerbullet admits is the most powerful and of course the We Vibe Salsa & Tango). The luxury vibes focus too much on being the latest and greatest in technology and stop focusing on just making something awesome. The more "luxury" Lelo gets, the more they seem to screw it up. Insignia line? HATE it.

But that's a horse of a different color. It is so very very worth it to pay more money for a high-quality dildo from a local company who has tight control over their product quality control: Tantus, Crystal Delights, Nobessence, Vixen. Njoy is amazing as well, despite being many in China, because they're a small company who tests and re-tests their designs before they hit the market (hence why there's not been anything new in awhile, but will be somewhat soon). The cheaper knock-offs, like the Pipedreams Metalworx line, lack the quality and craftsmanship. Crystal Delights glass toys are beautiful and are exactly what you expected, each and every time. I've owned glass toys from 4 companies and been disappointed each and every time (except for CD).
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