MiMi vs. G-Ki Vibration Intensity/Pitch

MiMi vs. G-Ki Vibration Intensity/Pitch

kisstheboot kisstheboot
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I'm wondering how the vibrations of the MiMi compare to Je Joue's other product, the G-Ki. The reason why I ask is because I've tried the G-Ki but did not like the type of vibrations it had at all—too buzzy and high-pitched for my taste, although they are moderately strong.

I'm afraid that because they are the same brand, the vibrations might be the same. Anyone tried both and can compare? Also, does it get hot very quickly like the G-Ki?
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Coralbell Coralbell
I haven't tried the G-Ki, but I do have MiMi and I find the vibrations to be pretty rumbly. Not the deepest I have felt, but I definitely wouldn't describe them as buzzy. I'm also interested in seeing replies from anyone who has tried both, since I've been thinking about getting the G-Ki soon.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
My fiancee and I find the vibrations of the MiMi to be pretty low-pitched. We have never tried the G-Ki before, though.
tigerkate tigerkate
I have both, but I would not really call the G-Ki high-pitched at all, but I did not find G-Ki to be very powerful either.

MiMi is similar with the vibration style, though I do find MiMi to be more rumbly- which is more noticeable on the first settings. It is way more powerful as well.

[Also, neither my G-Ki nor my MiMi gets very hot.. at all. How long are you using these vibes- maybe that is a factor in heating them up! The only times I noticed them being warm, when when I had the toys wedged in between my thighs while doing other things, rather than focusing on getting off. In G-Ki's case, that was over 30 minutes. Same with MiMi.]
kisstheboot kisstheboot
I went ahead and purchased the MiMi with the spring coupon and I had a lot of points saved up, so it was a steal. I'm very, very satisfied with it. Personally, I think the vibrator in the MiMi is much superior to the one in the G-Ki: stronger, rumblier, and lower frequency/pitch.

The G-Ki I had did have a minor defect with the charging mechanism—it would only charge if pressure was applied, so it would not charge unless I actually scotch-taped the charger to the G-Ki. That might be why it would get very hot after being on for only five minutes or so. I'm happy to say that the MiMi does not have this issue at all; at the most, it will get mildly lukewarm after being on for thirty-plus minutes.

After trying the G-Ki, I did not think I'd buy another Je Joue product but I have to say the MiMi is so good that it has redeemed the brand for me.
tigerkate tigerkate
I am glad you enjoy your MiMi! I love her too!

Have you considered contacting Je Joue about the defects on your G-Ki? I think it should be under warranty.
kisstheboot kisstheboot
Luckily, I was able to return it to EF.

After reading your response, I think I may have given the G-Ki an unfair shake. It's entirely possible the frequency of the vibrations were affected by the defect. The next time I'm in a retail store, I will check to see if the vibrations are lower pitched than the one I had owned.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
That's a good possibility, but you don't know unless you see another one in action.
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