My wife seems to miss her vibrator, thinking of buying her a new one.

Contributor: Istanbull Istanbull
I threw out our toy box a couple years ago when I saw the vibes (which were old and ratty) had exploded batteries and/or didn't work... just shows how much they weren't being used after our first kid. Lately I've been using vibrating cock rings now and then and she has been showing an increase in labido. So I brought up vibrators and she in her beat-around-the-bush way told me she misses hers. We checked out the We-Vibe and while she thinks it'll be too big I'm total game. It looks like fun to me since it's the only form of vibrator she would ever be willing to use in my preseance. But the price is more than I can afford for now until after tax season.

So any suggestions on a good vibe that's really quiet as I know if it makes too much noise she won't use it for fear the kids will hear.

And I forgot to mention she's preggers again so it's got to be safe for her to use. (She's a worry wart)
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
if you're thinking about it, getting her a new toy, just get it. I'll bet she'll love the surprise.

check the Fun Factory, Lelo & Pico Bong, and Jopen vibes. most are very quiet.

btw, for fear of being overheard by kids, if you have a TV in your bedroom, turn the volume up, or better yet, play some music. either should cover most toy noises.