What's the best penetrative toy for a virgin?

What's the best penetrative toy for a virgin?

Nyx Nyx
This is my first post, so hopefully I'm not making any major faux pas!

I'm not new to sex toys, and can tolerate/enjoy quite a bit of vibration. I've mostly owned toys for clitoral stimulation, but I'd like to try some vibes for penetration. I tried one, but it ended up being too thick for me and hurt too much to be enjoyable.

So, I'm wondering if you guys can suggest some that would be good for me! I've been looking at the Bottle Rocket Nova and the Charisma Waterproof Mini, which are both about 1" diameter. I was hoping to find something a little slimmer but also a little longer, but I'm definitely open to suggestions!

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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Just off the top of my head, there's the Waterproof Candy Cane, which still has a diameter of 1" but it's longer (6" insertable length) than the two you're looking at. Plus it's got a smooth texture, while the Mini and the Nova have a velvety texture - which will produce a bit more drag, which some people enjoy and others find uncomfortable. I may be biased, since I love my Candy Cane , but I think it'd be a good starting point. I'm a virgin myself, and my first toy was a very similar (though shorter) vibe.

And don't worry - this is hardly a faux pas. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions around here - that's how you learn, and most of the community is very friendly.
Nyx Nyx
Originally posted by Rin (aka Nire)
Just off the top of my head, there's the Waterproof Candy Cane, which still has a diameter of 1" but it's longer (6" insertable length) than the two you're looking at. Plus it's got a smooth texture, while the Mini and the ...
Aww, thank you! I'm so glad I stumbled onto this place--finally, a woman-friendly toy shop. Seems like a really great community.

And thanks for the rec! That toy is so cute (I love the purple!) that I'll have to add it to my list!
Kayla Kayla
Welcome! We're glad to have you, and I remember how excited I was when I found this site.

I went to the Vibrator search function and searched all g-spot and traditional vibrators under 1" in diameter. (You can refine it further on the left-hand sidebar if you want): link

Basically, for comfort, I'd avoid anything made of plastic in the traditional vibes section. Most of those (the no-curve, same-size diameter throughout the toy) are usually meant for external vibrations. I never have really 'enjoyed" plastic for insertion, but plastic and harder materials do transfer vibrations best too, so it's a trade-off.

I'd recommend BCute Curve: link Because it's small and slightly plushy. However, the vibrations are pretty soft.

Platinum Personal Pleasurizer: link Because it seems like a lot of people have liked it and it's plushy.

And here are slim and long for you:

KinkyKrissy KinkyKrissy
Welcome! I'm still pretty new here myself and I'm not quite sure what to add that Nire and Kayla haven't already. Do you have a preference for strong or mild vibrations? Since you have experience with clitoral vibrators, maybe you would like to consider a dual action vibrator as well. Most dual action vibrators are pretty thick, but maybe something like this that Kayla recommended would be good if you wanted to try something that isn't too intimidating and provides clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Happy hunting!
Nyx Nyx
Thank you all so much! I was trying to find a way to search the catalogue with filters like material, length, diameter, etc... and thought it didn't exist! Thanks for showing me how to do that, it makes ALL the difference. I'm gonna try some of these--can't wait.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
look for smooth toys under an inch diameter; also i wouldn't go to crazy with length- i would keep at five inches at the very most (after all, it's your first!). and if you get a vibrator, i would pick a toy with a variety of power modes
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
I suggest the smaller and skinnier the better.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I think the Bottle Rockets would be great first toys! They're pretty small and really cute. That's what I would get.
The ~Pegging~ Meg The ~Pegging~ Meg
I recently made a naughty gift to a friend - she was a virgin, as well. I went for this one. It's really small and slim, and for her, the sensations of that finger feature were astonishing.
Weedstomper Weedstomper
Jan 27, 3:40 am
GingerAnn GingerAnn
Frankly, the first toy I would always recommend to a beginner, no matter are they a beginner in sex or in sex toys, is a rabbit vibrator. They come in many sizes and with many shaft features, so a beginner can choose whatever they might like. Although the safest option, especially for a virgin, would be a plain shaft, obviously.

You also can not go wrong with the ears. After all, it has been proven so-so many times that an overwhelming majority of women requires clit stimulation to come, Why not pack it in with penetration and go for a surefire orgasm?

I absolutely love the Alya for a beginner and a virgin, specifically. The sizing is super mild, it's not at all intimidating and feels amazing against the skin.
Jan 28, 7:01 am
ytrewq ytrewq
Have you found something for yourself?
Jan 29, 9:44 am
kat434 kat434
My first thought was a very basic, traditional vibe like this one:

Jan 30, 9:16 pm
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