Price vs little chroma

Price vs little chroma

Vamp Lover Vamp Lover
Little chroma
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Is the price worth the little chroma??? any one with long term useage?
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Polyserena Polyserena
Originally posted by Vamp Lover
Is the price worth the little chroma??? any one with long term useage?
I have bought 2. The first chipped on concrete while transporting it to my boyfriends house. I think it had repeated shocks to the motor because I was dropping it while I was getting out of the bath. Then the motor became noisy and not so effective. I moved on to my eroscillator for a while, but eventually I bought another little choma because I missed it so much. So yes, I think it is worth it. And if you look after it it will look after you. Tie a strap around the end of the little chroma if you're going to use it in the shower so then you won't drop it. This is easily done, there are holes for such a strap. If transporting it elsewhere keep it in a nice safe pouch. Don't grab it on the way out of the house without putting it away in your bag anyhow. You may regret it later.

As far as vibrators go, my clitoris is an extremely fussy girl. I can get off with the eroscillator or the little chroma, but anything else has honestly been rather a difficult endeavour. I've tried decent bullets and pocket rockets and traditional vibrators but none has come close. I've tried a vibrator with weird patterns. Honestly, all you need is this one speed. It varies in intensity across the shaft. The little chroma has a decent power at a discreet noise level. It also has a beautiful hard smoothness and doesn't cause irritation. As goldilocks would say 'It's just right'. Just make sure your batteries are charged (the only ones that fit are eneloop), or get some fresh non-rechargable ones before you judge its power.

Plus they are pretty!

LOL I hope you enjoy my mini review. You can read my full review on the site too if you like.

Girly Juice Girly Juice
Little Chroma only has one speed. And it's not the strongest. I'd recommend going for something stronger that has variable speeds, especially since this toy is so expensive. You can get a Lelo toy or another Jimmyjane toy for a similar price that'll have way better features.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
Originally posted by Vamp Lover
Is the price worth the little chroma??? any one with long term useage?
I use mine more than anything else I own, I definitely think it's worth it.
volpe bianca volpe bianca
Its quality for sure. you only have to spend the money on it once unless you hurt the body of the toy but the motor comes out just like a battery and can be replaced for 20 bucks through the jimmyjane website. Thats why they call it the "everlasting vibrator". It does have only one speed but its a deep resonating vibration and if I wasnt so impatient and wanting to get off as fast as I can then it would be my go to vibe, but it is my favorite when i want to be a little more "romantic" about it.
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