Replacing my first vibrator

Contributor: Britt&Rich Britt&Rich
I've been cleaning out our toy box and today I stumbled across my very first vibrator ever. I've firmly decided it needs to head to the trash but before it goes, I really want to find a replacement.

I feel like I've scoured Eden and nothing is really jumping out and grabbing me. Hopefully, someone knows of something hidden in the depths of the hundreds of toys here that could be what I'm looking for.

I'll add a picture of the old one, just so y'all have an idea of what it is. I definitely want the new one to be plastic or silicone as the old one's jelly. Ew. The old one was made by Cal Exotics and has 5" insertable with roughly 4" circumference. The new one can be bigger (I'd actually prefer more girth). I love the penis head like tip on the old one and all of the texture. Cost doesn't really matter.

Thanks for the help!
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Contributor: Fluke Fluke
Here's one with tons of texture:

Here's another one that is more girthy and more traditional.
pure-bendie-10-functio n

I have not used either so make sure you read some reviews. Good luck!
Contributor: Britt&Rich Britt&Rich
I'll look into both of those. Thank you Fluke!