Salsa getting discontinued?

Contributor: LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
I better get one now!
Contributor: cheetahpita cheetahpita
Is this true? I heard somewhere else on the forums that it's just sold out for the moment, and that EF will be getting another shipment soon.
Contributor: kitty1949 kitty1949
Oh wow. Well that blows!
Contributor: kdlt kdlt
I sucked it up and bought it elsewhere JUST IN CASE it's discontinued here... but I really hope not!
Contributor: Bleu Bleu
They've really stopped featuring the Salsa on the We-Vibe website :/ This saddens me deeply.
Contributor: Apirka Apirka
Well, everyone, it's now in stock don't think the discontinued rumors are true.
Contributor: *Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
Originally posted by Apirka
Well, everyone, it's now in stock don't think the discontinued rumors are true.
I just ordered a second one just in case
Contributor: Pandwhora Pandwhora
I just ordered mine! *phew*
Contributor: DigitalSweety DigitalSweety
I went to order one and of course they're out of stock. The estimated date of arrival for more stock is today, but now I'm worried that they'll never come back in stock...
Contributor: chicmichiw chicmichiw
It's out of stock again. Good thing I got mine...
Contributor: Hoshigetsu Hoshigetsu
I noticed this isnt the only thing being discontinued. I have a few things on my wishlist that have been disappearing from the website.
Contributor: GONE! GONE!
Re: Pressure and power. I haven't tried a Tango but my Salsa performs beautifully under pressure so people who need that better act now! D:
Contributor: travelnurse travelnurse
I just ordered by back up I love it that much!
Contributor: DigitalSweety DigitalSweety
I ordered a Salsa the other day since I was worried about them being discontinued. I may still get a Tango to see how the two compare, I just didn't want to miss my chance...
Contributor: ashboo32 ashboo32
this is sad. i think its a bad move on their part!
Contributor: Dangerous Lilly Dangerous Lilly
If the email to the other person who posted in the thread wasn't enough, I also finally received official word from them.

I don't know if EF orders their stuff directly from Standard Innovations, or from a distributor. If it's from a distributor then EF may be able to get more in if the distributor has it still in stock. So even though it is now out of stock again, doesn't exactly mean they won't get more in.

SI/WeVibe actually sent me a case of them because I wanted to do a blog giveaway; they only had Red left, they were actually clean out of black and white forever.

I own both Salsa and Tango and have never, ever been able to discern any sort of vibration difference between the two models. I think that if someone CAN, then perhaps their less-powerful model is defective. I confirmed with SI that the motors and everything are utterly identical from Salsa to Tango.
Contributor: whyknot whyknot
Originally posted by ghalik
It's disappearing from the we-vibe website. Very sad, because it is my favorite vibe of all time.
It seems to go out of stock, and then get restocked, with regularity.
Contributor: ChaiMocha ChaiMocha
Thats so weird, it seems so popular to discontinue.
Contributor: wicked weasel wicked weasel
Looks like it goes back on stock on March 14. Glad I got one