Sex Toy recommendation (Vibrator...maybe G-spot Vibe???)

Sex Toy recommendation (Vibrator...maybe G-spot Vibe???)

Hockeyguy Hockeyguy
Over the past year or so my wife and I have got into sex toys a bit and have built up a pretty good collection of toys. We have had good luck and bad when choosing toys that might be of interest to us and I'm hoping that I can get some feedback from others as to what we should get next. The list of toys we have are as follows good and not so good (for us):

- Couture Collection Rabbit Vibrator
- Vixskin Lonestar Dildo
- Lelo Siri
- Vixskin Raquel Dildo

Not so Good:
- Pure wand (too heavy/awkward)
- Vixskin Goodfella (too small)
- Lelo Iris (too hard, "feels weird/foreign to insert" )
- Rabbit Habit Rabiit Vibe (Not bad but seems cheap compared to the Couture collection)
- Butterfly Kiss G-spot vibe (kind of lame and cheap)
- Couture Collection Bliss Egg (vibration too strong and just doesn't doo much)
- We-Vibe (Doesn't do much for us)

As you can see there are more bad than good and quite a few of the bad ones were expensive toys too. I guess what we think is important (although we are open to try whatever) is for the toy to be:

- Probably an insertable vibrator
- something that I can ideally use on/with her
- isn't made of cheap material
- preferably not too hard (probably) since we've found in the past that softer, more pliable toys work best
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
G-Spot Vibe (any particular suggestions?)
sixfootsex , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , dv8 , sassyNsensual , potstickers , Kaltir , Zulee
Traditional Vibe (any particular suggestions?)
Glass Dildo (this goes against the criteria I set out but we'd be open to trying it)
pinkcupcakes , daniel and frances , ichwillwaffels , Drifter86 , Eva Schwaltz , Lady Venus , zracer
Other??? (please specify)
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Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
We-Vibe didn't work out for me either.

The Croupier G-Spot vibe has remained a favorite of mine for months, even though I've tried several different toys since receiving it. The motor for the vibrations is in the tip, and the shaft is very pliable. It also has a nice girth at 1 3/4" and the motor is pretty strong too.

Ella is my absolute favorite G-Spot toy. It is pretty firm though and doesn't work well for everyone, but the material is so smooth and works really well for me.

The Rechargeable Mystic Wand is another favorite of mine if you are up to trying a clitoral vibe. It works for back/neck massages too
Shellz31 Shellz31
You may not like too many of the ones I love ... cause I love my Iris and Isla would be too firm for ya too.
But one vibe I have that is soft and flexible is the Evolved Silicone Seduction. It's got powerful vibrations if you need the high intensity, but also lower range too.

I have the rechargeable Mystic Wand but it's not a favorite of mine. But everyone seems to love the wand type of toys.

Another flexible vibe is the Bendable Touch rabbit by Evolved. I like Evolved toys cause they are usually on the quiet side and I find them powerful.
daniel and frances daniel and frances
The topsy turvy is our favorite glass dildo. It's beautiful, heavy, and firm.
wetone123 wetone123
Any of the Sin Five line would be wonderful
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