Shake a toy to its death?

Shake a toy to its death?

tigerkate tigerkate
So.. I was using the Crystal High Intensity Bullet, which has been my very favorite toy for getting off on my own... I've had it since November, but I've gone long spans without using it (no battery left inside) since it's been impossible to find N-batteries at times.

And as I used it again (yay batteries!) I noticed, the dreaded, glitchy vibrations. Slow, off, HIGH, low, low, HIGH, medium, HIGH, low.... Then I put it up to my ear, listened as I gave it a little tilt & shake (thinking the battery compartment might not be shut or something)... heard something "drop" inside...

And death.

Death to my favorite bullet.

I was thinking: I could NEVER get the battery out of its snug compartment, so I shook it while removing the battery... maybe a lot? Could I have killed my favorite toy? Is there any hope in getting it to work again? WHYYYY!?

....I'm kinda torn up about this. That toy was just my FAVORITE.

Have you shaken a toy to death? Is that possible?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
The chances of taking it apart to see whats wrong and putting it back together are pretty slim. They are just not made to be fixed. I do not know what kinds of materials are inside this toy, but it could be that the weight that spins around has came off the shaft. If you can get it apart you may be able to reattach it.

In the future, if you have a battery that is tight, try to use a piece of tape attached to the side to aid in removal. Just make sure it does not cover the battery contact.

So sorry for your loss.
tigerkate tigerkate
I hadn't thought about using tape, thanks for the suggestion!

I'm bummed out, my luck seems to be in buying toys that break. This one did last me a few months though, so I guess that's better than two weeks!
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