Smallest diameter vibrator?

Contributor: funcpad funcpad
Hey everyone! Just found this site and already loving the large selection and great prices. I was depressed by the prices on most other sites haha. Though I must confess it is quite overwhelming to search and compare with such a selection. My girlfriend wants a new toy but we're having trouble finding something small. She's a very short and petite girl, AND a virgin so all the toys she tries are too big. Any recommendations on something small enough to be inserted without TOO much pain? Tips on making it more pleasant would be great too
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Insightful breakdown of Small mini vibrators:

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I wonder if they come in a mini assortment too! That would really be awesome!

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Does anyone know whether the magnetic charger's included in the package or do we have to buy it separately?
Contributor: Incendiaire Incendiaire
The smallest vibes are typically bullets, but they're also short so if you're talking about insertion then they wouldn't be the right choice.

Take a look at the RO-150mm Slimline from Rocks Off, as the name suggests it's one of the slimmer vibes out there at only 1/2" wide.