So this vs Ina vs vr 6

Contributor: Sangsara Sangsara
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I'm excited about the size of this toy does anyone know about the flexibility?
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Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
It does look interesting - flexibility is one concern - power is another. I'm certainly not buying anything priced this high until it gets rave reviews. We'll see
Contributor: darkr darkr
Looks like a fun toy and yes I agree the size is exciting, eagerly awaiting reviews
Contributor: winggeddagger winggeddagger
i dont know about its flexibility. i havent found anything to suggest that its stiff or bendable. still waiting reviews
Contributor: Sexy Desire Sexy Desire
I too was eagerly awaiting the after reading them, not so interested. Still liking LELO products.
Contributor: ashboo32 ashboo32
im interested to hear more about it
Contributor: lillmiss5054 lillmiss5054
I'm liking my Lelo products very much, I plan to stay loyal to Lelo after reading the reviews.