Very small MP3-Player controlled vibrator

Very small MP3-Player controlled vibrator

Eugler Eugler
Does anyone know which MP3-controlled vibrator or bullet is the smallest?

I intend to 'misuse' it a little as a reminding device for lucid dreamers and so I need the smallest and most discrete one.
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Omg that's such a good idea. How do you plan to go about it? Like, I really want to try that myself since most of the time I want my lucid dreams to be of a... fun nature. (Don't judge me guys, lol.)

Anyway, I haven't found one yet sadly.
Eugler Eugler
An MP3-controlled vibrating bullet is very versatile for LDing.

You may use it as a simple RC reminder, for example by sewing it into a wristband which you apply at your ankle. That's the reason why it has to be very small.

You take the MP3-player, add a folder of 10 tracks of one minute silence each and one track of any short sound file. You start the folder with shuffle and repeat and you will feel a buzz at your ankle every ten minutes average. (or any time, just add enough empty sound files)

Every time you feel the buzz of the sound file you do a state testing, the reality check:
Is this a dream? How can I know if this is a dream? Am I able to breathe if i close my nostrils with my fingers? How many fingers do I have? More or less than 5? Do my hands look odd? Do I know how I came here? Any gaps in memory?

After some days or a few weeks this state testing will become a habit which you will keep doing in your dreams. Then you are lucid.

If you wear your ankle band during night there is a bigger chance that you will dream about the buzz.

Of course you don't have to wear it at your ankle...
If you know what I mean... ^^

And there is another LDreaming technique called rhythm napping.
You use a sound file which will wake you up after falling asleep so you have the chance to enter a dream consciously.

Here I want to apply vibrations instead or an addition to the sound files. Maybe the body part where you apply the vibrating bullet may influence the dream content.

I plan to use one of this cheap vibrating cockrings to keep the bullet where I want it to be...
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