We-Vibe Tango and Salsa vs. clit size and sensitivity.

Contributor: Mr. John Mr. John
I’ve seen the question asked in other discussions, as to whether there is a correlation between clitoris size and sensitivity. So, now I’m trying to pose this question differently. Many of you have also already said that the clitoris has the same number of nerve endings no matter what size. So, I would like to know if the shape of the We-Vibe Tango’s and Salsa’s sensations differ between women due to size and shape of the clitoris? Your answers may help me and others, and maybe yourselves, to make better choices when purchasing.

If you are familiar with the We-Vibe Tango and Salsa vibrators, you know that they are identical except for the tip. Yet, many women are divided as to which one they prefer and why they prefer them. One has a pointed tip, and the other has a flat angled lipstick type tip. Is it possible that the size of the clitoris in part may explain the difference in opinions towards the two We-Vibe vibrator tips? Is it possible that if you have a large clitoris you may prefer the flatter broader tip of the Tango? The Tango obviously more surface area. Conversely, do those women with a smaller clitoris prefer the Salsa because it is more pin point accurate? Assuming, if a clitoris has the same sensitivity whether it is small or large, it would seem reasonable that the size and shape of objects which come in contact can be the cause of differing reactions.

I thought I should add that I've recently purchased two Tango's and two Salsa's, though I have not yet presented them to my wife. At this time her all time favorite is the Eroscillator. So, I'm first hoping to see what are some reactions from readers of this discussion. Later, I’ll compare them with my wife’s reactions.
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Contributor: PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I wouldn't consider my clitoris as small or large, I think it's pretty average (I'm guessing). I prefer the Salsa to Tango because I prefer a pinpoint stimulation. The Tango provides a broader stimulation. I think that's the biggest difference between the two. I don't think it has to do with anatomy much at all.