We Vibe Tango versus MIA 2 for non-insertion near anal vibration?

Contributor: Rhazya Rhazya
So a little background. I've had multiple Fairy Babys, that I used as non-inserted anal vibrator. I would just put it between my butt cheeks near my butt hole, but I never inserted it period. I've actually lost each one I've had. I'm not wanting something I would insert anally. Now I see that on this site it's discontinued, and when I look elsewhere it's hard to find or very expensive.

So I'm looking at replacements. Again, don't want to insert anything anally, just want to have something vibrating near it. I'm not big on inserting anything vaginally either.

I'm looking at both the Mia 2 and the We Vibe Tango as potential replacements. I realize they are both bigger than the Fairy Mini. But they don't look huge enough that I'd have a problem using them in the manner I'd like to.

They both have same vrooms, same bees, both well reviewed/voted. Both are waterproof and rechargeable (though I believe Mia 2 is USB and Tango is wall outlet.) Both are similarly priced right now. If anyone has both, which did you like better and why? Or if you have one, have you ever used it where I'm referring to?

Also if you have any other suggestions of potential vibrators-I want to stick with electric/usb/rechargea ble as from prior experience w/ battery vibrators, I go through too many batteries.
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Contributor: heezag heezag
Contributor: Rhazya Rhazya
I purchased a We Vibe Tango, but haven't received it yet to give a review. Figure I'd update this topic.
Contributor: GirlyGirlRed GirlyGirlRed
Either are good
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I don't know if it is better but check out the Lelo Billy. It has strong power and multiple vibration patterns. It has the advantage over the Tango in that the handle shields the hand from the vibrations. And if one day you do want so anal insertion, this is safe due to the flange. There are many reviews on EF on the Lelo Billy.

Happy buzzing !