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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Dear contributors, who's up for the challenge?

We want to make a cool article on wearable vibrators. You know, Unity, strap-on vibrators, even butt plugs and nipple clamps - that kind of stuff. How to choose them, how to use them, important things one has to know before strapping on a vibrator and walking out of their door - this type of information is what we're looking for.

We thought it would be really fun if all of you would weigh in on the topic. Share your experience with your first wearable vibrator, drop some insights or tips for someone who's really hungry for a new experience. Maybe, we should be wary of something special when we're choosing a pair of nipple clamps to wear underneath our clothes? Or some butt plugs are better to wear outside than others? Please, let's stick to unique and really valuable advice so we can actually help people who are interested in the matter.


Oh, and the best part? The most valuable insight will get a prize - and a little more in DMs. Stay tuned to find out who wins!

In the meantime, let's check out which wearable vibrators are actually the most popular ones among our lovely community?
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OH&W, Lovebears , The.RedQueen , Hisbabycakesxoxo , FunLoving6086 , Perspicace mais érotique , Otelia , godot , Chrissycee , SophieWG , JustMe2
FunLoving6086 , PassionPleasure , louise83 , Otelia , JustMe2
Soundside46 , Dominica , The.RedQueen , Hisbabycakesxoxo , FunLoving6086 , Perspicace mais érotique , madame macbeth , PassionPleasure , Lilith Bealove , Mistress Lizzie , Otelia , Luvluna499 , Chrissycee , SophieWG , L●N€|¥ ₩!|=€ , JustMe2
Soundside46 , Gunsmoke , Keeping Warm in Maine , OH&W, Lovebears , The.RedQueen , Robin Goodfellow , Heavymetalchick666 , PassionPleasure , Mistress Lizzie , sevennn , Otelia , wicked48 , JustMe2
Hisbabycakesxoxo , FunLoving6086 , Perspicace mais érotique , madame macbeth , Otelia , Chrissycee , wicked48 , SophieWG
Mistress Lizzie
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Contributor: Soundside46 Soundside46
Obviously, the two things you want with a vibrating panty is a good amount of range on the remote and stealthiness/discreetn ess on the size and noise level of the vibrator. When it comes to wearing plugs out and about I have always enjoyed prostate stimulators to plain plugs because I can get more stimulation and pleasure by doing kegel exercises with that type of toy in.
Contributor: Dominica Dominica
I have a thing for the vibrating panties, and I've tried a few variations of them. I can tell from my experience, that the best option is panties with remote control. Corded panties are unhandy in use, and cord always gets in the way. But with a remote you have a lot of ways of having fun during doing chores, shopping, working or dating.

I had a quite pleasurable experience with vibrating underwear with a removable bullet, but you should know that doing activities like running or jumping when wearing such panties is a bad idea, because a bullet can shift or fall out at all. So you need really tight panties to keep that stuff in the place. The good thing with this kind of vibrating panties is that a bullet can be removed and used with other underwear or you can play with it separately.

And one more important thing to pay attention to is the panties should be whisper quiet if you're planning to wear them in public. Those options with very strong motors provide incredible stimulation, but usually, they are very loud at the same time.
Contributor: Thelovelysexxto1 Thelovelysexxto1
I have a ton of wearable vibrating toys! I have a strap on that vibrates both me and my husband. It is amazing but be sure you have lube for anything that goes inside of you or your partner so that it does not hurt.

I also have the NU vibrating bullet that comes with a cordless remote and I love it!
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
A " C" or "U" shaped vibe with a remote is the best! It can be worn discretely anywhere. Shopping, walking, playing sports, in the library, home, anywhere. It doesn't even need to be powered on !
The naughtiness of nobody knowing I'm wearing it is very exciting already.
Tip 1. Wear it when going to the movies.
Tip 2. Don't let your partner control it ! ( unless he/ she has a vibrating anal plug and you have that remote)
Tip 3. Wear it to your inlaws Makes it more bearable
Tip 4. This is the 2 nd most important . don't use any lubricant or very very little. It will start slipping.
Tip 5. Most important Wear tight underwear, no thongs or stretchy silk sexy undies.

And if it happens to slip out at the restaurant, look very surprised and say , " What's that?"

I marked anal plug for him. He's got a really nice one. Up to him if he wants to spill the beans.
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Nipple clamps? People actually wear those things out of the house OMG
Do they vibrate
Contributor: The.RedQueen The.RedQueen
Wearable vibrators are wonderful for people who want pleasure that can be achieved hand free. My first wearable vibrating toy was the We-vibe sync. Unity by Eden is very similar to this. They’re both C shape vibrators and work by inserting one arm inside of you while the other stays on your clit. It almost “clamps” down on you and vibrates (extremely quietly too). If you get a C shape vibrator, I would say try to find one that is adjustable with how open or closed you want the arms so that it stays put! Both C shape vibrators and vibrating panties are great to wear while out in public doing things or at dinner with your partner while they have the remote. I also own a vibrating HOLLOW strap on which a guy can wear as a penis extension and use it on their partner and the vibrations reach both of them. The most important things to remember when using any kind of wearable vibrators in public are to test them out before had to make sure you don’t have any awkward mishaps along the way, such as the bullet slipping out of your vibrating panties and hitting the floor in the grocery store. (Trust me ...it happens) Try them out at home first while you clean the house and walk around to make sure it will stay nice and secure! Tight underwear are your best friend with these type of toys. With a little testing out before hand, you can go about your day feeling sexy and getting constant stimulation, bringing a little fun to any boring chore !
Contributor: Keeping Warm in Maine Keeping Warm in Maine
I can't speak about using vibrating panties since I do not have the equipment except to say, if it vibrates in public it needs to be pretty quiet or you need to be someplace noisy.

I can speak about plugs. I have never plugged in public but I have worn one for an extended time in the house. There are several things that can make this extra enjoyable.

1 - material. For extended plugging I would only use a soft plug. Preferably made of silicone. For short term use I really like glass.

2 - shape. I really like plugs that can hit the p-spot as I move. Either that, or a plug that has some vibration to it; powered or not. The plug should also have a "T" base as opposed to round. Much more comfy between the cheeks.

3 - size. In this case, I would choose a good design that hits the p-spot over a large size. But that is just my preference. It also depends on why you are plugging. If it is for pegging later then size could matter.

Those are my thoughts. Now I might just have to try being plugged the next time I go out.
Contributor: Robin Goodfellow Robin Goodfellow
Over the years I've cultivated a fair sized butt plug collection. I really enjoy selecting the right plug for my submissive wife to suit specific occasions. There is a little bit of an art to getting it right.

From the vibration standpoint, most of the vibrating butt plug toys I own are the type with the sleeve in the base to accommodate a vibrating bullet.
The first issue this raises is that neck of these kinds of plugs is going to have to have a reasonable amount of girth to accommodate the bullet. In contrast to a thicker neck you are going to need a bigger bulb to keep it held in place. I like thick necked plugs to maintain a stretch while inserted. As opposed to a the classic princess plug with very narrow neck and big bulb. But in general the bigger the contrast in size between the bulb and neck, the better it will hold in place.

Consequentially, the wide necked vibrating bullet style plugs tend to not stay in as reliably if moving about. So I've never sent my wife out of the house with one of these inserted because I did not trust its staying power. Whereas a princess plug will lock in place and stay put- but there's no vibrating option there. In private the vibrating bullet style work great and there are many options, shapes and sizes. Which you can mix and match with different kinds of vibrating bullets.

The other option that is becoming more available is quality remote control vibrating plugs. Not only is the remote a lot of fun, especially out in public, but the vibrating mechanism can be tucked into the widest part of the toy- the bulb. In this way you can get back to a narrower neck to big bulb ratio, which gives them much more reliable holding power. I avoid the ones with a remote connected by a wire because its just too cumbersome to have that kind of a electronic tail hanging out of the butt. But now thanks to the bright minds of Silicon Valley there are quite a few options for wireless remotes and even a few that connect to your phone.
Contributor: Heavymetalchick666 Heavymetalchick666
Personally the only wearable vibrating toy I've tried so far is a set of vibrating anal plugs. I love the little buzz and it's a great combo when using a vibrator on your vagina too. The only problem is usually I like to wear a plug for hours but my insertable vibrating bullet dies after just one hour of use. I noticed that since the end of the bullet sticks out a little more it also pokes it deeper inside you when you're sitting.
Contributor: PassionPleasure PassionPleasure
Originally posted by GingerAnn
Dear contributors, who's up for the challenge?

We want to make a cool article on wearable vibrators. You know, Unity, strap-on vibrators, even butt plugs and nipple clamps - that kind of stuff. How to choose them, how to use them, ... more
Where to start...

Nipple Clamps:
Before my wife decided to pierce her nipples, we enjoyed using a variety of nipple clamps with different designs such as: 'Japanese clover clamps' which are designed to squeeze harder when weight is applied to them; 'Y style clit and nipple clamps' where there are clamps for your nipples and clitoris tide together with a light chain where a little tug on the chain would send sensations to all three spots; Simple adjustable 'Alligator clamps' which allows yourself or partner to set and change how much bite these clamps would have; Vibrating Alligator Clamps, these still allow for adjustment on pressure and brings a new sensation along with it; and of course the simple 'Tweezer Clamps' which in our opinion is a perfect place to start when you are looking for your first set of nipple clamps. These use to be a lot of fun for us, but be warned if you are thinking about or have your nipples pierced, playing with nipple clamps is not as much an option as they were before.

Vibrating Panties:
There are so many different designs to choose from when it comes to vibrating panties. They can be as simple as a bullet driven vibe that must be turned on and off manually to amazing remote controlled vibrators via a cell phone app. In our own experience when playing around with wearable vibrators, my wife has noticed that it is easy to become vibe numb if the darn thing is just left on or their partner just keeps turning the thing on for long periods of time. The point behind pantie vibrators is that quick, unknown surprise of pleasure that makes her want more, but cant have it yet. Its always fun watching your partner to try and act as if nothing is happening while you turn the vibrator in her panties on and off. When choosing a pair of vibrating panties it is important to note that when it comes to your choices you get what you pay for. In our opinion when choosing not only vibrating panties, but any vibrator, it is very important to weigh the price of the toy vs. what your going to get. We have found that if you are willing to spend the extra money and buy more luxury brands, especially when it comes to pantie vibrators, it makes the world of the difference. There is nothing worse than someone having a negative experience when trying something new because the product they bought was cheap and could have never live up to their expectations. Read, read, read reviews and ask question before you buy. Ask others for suggestions when trying something new, it will make a ton of difference if you just spend some time researching.

Anal Plugs:
As I was reading through what others had commented on, I agreed with the posts that supported that there is not just one type of plug and the different uses the various designs allow. I agree that most (inexpensive) vibrating plug is simply ran by a bullet vibrator. This makes the neck of the plug larger and tends to slip out easier. The comments made in the forum was, "the larger the ratio between the neck and bulb, the more secure the plug will be". My wife doesn't like to wear plugs for long periods of time and is not fond of vibrating plugs. So the plugs in our collection have a very small neck with a larger bulb which she will where during intercourse or while playing with another toy. The larger bulb puts more pressure on her G-spot which she loves while using a toy like the 'Satysfyer' or the 'We vibe Touch'. I also have her where it when we have intercourse from behind. It turns me on seeing it and I can feel the pressure is has on the vaginal walls making her feel tighter. It is always a good idea having her wear a plug when she gets spanked, it adds that extra sensation with every swat.

When choosing any type of wearable toy (vibrating or not), do your homework and ask others for suggestions and remember, you get what you pay for.
Contributor: Lilith Bealove Lilith Bealove
I much rather prefer panty vibes, but it's been really hard to find a good one. I recently got the Moxie by We-Vibe. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's going to be "the one." Lol. It has a magnet that goes on the outside of the panties and holds it in place, making it very unique among the rest of the market.
Contributor: Mistress Lizzie Mistress Lizzie
Originally posted by GingerAnn
Dear contributors, who's up for the challenge?

We want to make a cool article on wearable vibrators. You know, Unity, strap-on vibrators, even butt plugs and nipple clamps - that kind of stuff. How to choose them, how to use them, ... more
There are many different types of wearable vibrators. One of the most unique ones that I have found they may get overlooked is the combination of a vibrating butt plug that is also a tail. Many people are into really bringing out their inner Neko/furry or they just want to wear it for the hell of it. I haven't seen many of them but they do exist. It can really turn on the heat of the moment. These could be a huge hit especially with those who want to feel some vibrations during pet play.

Vibrating panties are another amazing wearable vibrator. A lot is depending on your experience with this. Vibrating panties either come with the bullet separate from the panties and you have to put it in, or there is the built-in one that requires no additional input.

This vibrating panty set is an example of the bullet is separated from the panties themselves. Usually, the vibrator has many different options for this particular panties set it has 20 different functions. With the bullet being removable you can position it correctly for your needs.


This was the closest I could find to underwear with a built-in vibrator. Normally underwear with a built-in vibrator. How underwear with a built-in vibrator work is that they are solely in one place. That's the spot that they are going to be in and you have to be really careful when washing them or the bullet will get destroyed. These aren't usually as popular as the removable bullet. Some people prefer them over the removable but everyone has different preferences.

Another plus side to vibrating panties is normally they do come with a remote that can act as a way to trigger the panties on even at a distance. This is useful especially when you want to get into a BDSM scene and you don't know when the remote is going to be activated. It could get really intense really quick without expecting it. The remote can be with either one of the types of vibrating panties.

As stated earlier butt plugs, are an amazing new sensation. Some people have never had experience with anal play. For some introducing a new into the bedroom is a brand new sensation. For others, seeing what's next can be a whole new experience. The thing about anal play is that it keeps changing and adding more to it. You can go with anal beads, vibrators, plugs and its continuous and keeps adding new things. Granted Anal is easier when you have a partner, but you can still solo it.
Contributor: Perspicace mais érotique Perspicace mais érotique
Originally posted by GingerAnn
Dear contributors, who's up for the challenge?

We want to make a cool article on wearable vibrators. You know, Unity, strap-on vibrators, even butt plugs and nipple clamps - that kind of stuff. How to choose them, how to use them, ... more
My one and only WINNING tip :

Plan ahead for an "unplanned" orgasm (or planned if your SO is being naughty) in front of other people and how you will expertly play it off as something else and make it a believable performance!! If you don't/can't orgasm in public, then no worries!!
Contributor: HotCherryPie88 HotCherryPie88
I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have any of these items to even have any suggestions about. I guess this might be what I need to start buying!! I'll have to check out these links and see which is best for me right now with my dating situation!
Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Originally posted by HotCherryPie88
I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have any of these items to even have any suggestions about. I guess this might be what I need to start buying!! I'll have to check out these links and see which is best for me right now with my dating situation!
It's always huge fun to explore something new! I'm sure you'll find here a lot of amazing options to make your dating situation steamy, sexy and even unforgettable
If you'll need any advice, feel free to ask! The EF community includes many proficient and seasoned experts which will be glad to share what they know about sex toys and to help with a few recommendations!
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Lovense butt plugs are great
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Originally posted by Gunsmoke
Lovense butt plugs are great
The edenfantasys Thruster is pretty good too. Vibrates and thrusts. Remote also. Just need wear tight panties
Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
My dear community!

It's time to evaluate the results and take stock of this challenge for the best insight about wearable vibrators!

You can not even imagine how hard it was for our Content creation team to select a limited number of winners because everyone did a fantastic job!

We're deeply grateful to every and each of you who share their unique experience and give so many marvelous advice!

But let's move to the most pleasant part of this challenge - rewarding!

I'm super excited to announce that winners are

The.RedQueen thanks to her helpful recommendations on wearable vibrating toys gets $25 gift card!

Robin Goodfellow with his in-depth insight on vibrating butt plugs gets $20 gift card!

Keeping Warm in Maine provided a few very useful tips and gets $15 gift card!

Congratulations for the winners!

Thank you all for your input!

I hope it was a very fun and entertaining experience for you, and it is not the last time when you get not only super enjoyable experience with toy but also receive a nice prize for sharing your knowledge with others!