What's your go-to vibe or toy?

Contributor: lslsls92 lslsls92
Is there one toy you use every time you get off? Every time you need to get off quickly?

For me, when in doubt, I go to a simple Ann Summers bullet I bought last fall in England. It gets the job done quick and with no fuss.
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Contributor: *Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
We Vibe Salsa if I am using a dildo usually its used with my Mustang
Contributor: Zombirella Zombirella
Salsa, Tango or one of the Leaf vibes.
Contributor: ShortCak3 ShortCak3
I usually use my silly diver rabbit vibrator
Contributor: TheirPet TheirPet
My Tiger for external stim or my Jopen Vanity V.7 for internal/external stim.
Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Right now with the discreetness factor I have my Leaf Bloom out and reach for that.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I have several I'm totally in lust w/:
Zini Ran

I know I have more, just can't remember them right now. so I guess I'm saying there isn't just one in particular that sends me, well, you know where.
Contributor: Virgingasms Virgingasms
I like to switch it up every so often to keep it from becoming boring but I do have go-tos: the Form 3 from JimmyJane and the Echo Handle from Tantus.
Contributor: joolie joolie
I really like the heart shaped Mood by Doc Johnson vibe. It's so curvy and cute and the patterns are astonishing. There is a mode that can only be described as surging!
Contributor: NovaLights NovaLights
I go for my Silly Diver, still one of my favorites for a great orgasm.
Contributor: Chy Chy
My Salsa if I want to get off fast. My Siri if I want a deep full body orgasm.
Contributor: Aishiteru Aishiteru
My Hitachi.
Contributor: Septimus Septimus
My Ina 2 is my all time favorite go-to toy. But over the last month or so I've been reaching for my iGino. Which is smaller but a hell of a lot louder!