Which type of vibrator is better?

Contributor: shelovesblackmen shelovesblackmen
whats better
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17  (63%)
10  (37%)
Total votes: 27
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Contributor: eri86 eri86
Bullets are easier to use, hide and travel with. And some are wicked strong. Like the We-Vibe Salsa.
Contributor: ashboo32 ashboo32
can depend on what toy and use but bullet
Contributor: *Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
Depends on what you are looking for I usually use a dual action vibe but I like my Salsa for clitoral use
Contributor: yargle yargle
Personally I like massagers. They have a wide heads and I like broad stimulation.
Contributor: Real or memorex Real or memorex
I think everyone should own both. What I like about my bullet is that it is portable and rechargeable. What I like about my massager is that it can plug into the wall and never runs out of juice.
Contributor: aphroditelady aphroditelady
My personal preference is with a bullet, just because it's easier to hide and smaller.
Contributor: Mr. John Mr. John
Originally posted by shelovesblackmen
whats better
My wife prefers the oscillations of the Eroscillator on her clit.
Contributor: pokefan15 pokefan15
We like bullets because they are smaller and easier to travel with
Contributor: snowminx snowminx
I like bullets, easy to travel with and massagers take up so much room if you want to hide it.
Contributor: chicmichiw chicmichiw
Tough! I like both. I voted bullet just because the best toy in my collection in the Salsa (my opinion) but it depends on what you want, need or are in the mood for.
Contributor: Gdom Gdom
If you're going for power, there's no bullet in existence that's going to be able to match a massage wand like the Hitachi.
Contributor: karenm karenm
I like massagers better. Bullets are too strong and noisy for me.
Contributor: cagypsy cagypsy
Sometimes massagers are good but bullets are always good.
Contributor: SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
For me, a bullet is best.
Contributor: Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
Originally posted by shelovesblackmen
whats better
I love bullets because they're portable - and do prefer them - but they are often too weak and buzzy, so variety is better!