Which vibe for best friend?

Which vibe for best friend?

Cherrylane Cherrylane 11/21/2011

So my bestie's birthday is coming up and I'm planning on giving her a birthday/christmas gift, though I can't decide if I want to get her ONE big thing or lots of little things. I'd really love to get her a toy, though I keep debating what would be best.

I don't really have a set price point, as I think she'd probably enjoy a small cheaper bright colored cutesy toy similar to some of the Pico line. But I also think she'd probably enjoy a more "substantial" versatile toy as well. I do know that at the very least, regardless of what I spend, I WILL NOT buy something for a friend that isn't something I would feel okay using myself, ie no icky smells, unsafe/toxic materials etc.

beyond that, she LOVES the color lime green, so I was really hoping to find something that color that fits the bill. After that, it would probably be pink or light/bright blue.

These are just a few of the toys I've been considering the most right now. Pick which one you think could be best and if you have any suggestions of other things I should consider, please please please let me know below!

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Cherrylane Cherrylane
I don't want to get her a cheapo, or anything that is made out of icky materials that I wouldn't use on myself.

Part of me thinks the toys with animal cutesy shapes might be good, as their fun and unintimidating, but they also seem really body dependent.

Also, I've mostly been looking at insertable vibes that I think will also work on the clit, as I'm not sure I want to spend money on a clit vibe that she ends up being disappointed she can't insert.

What say you?

Also, the new structure of this comparison thing kind of confuses me and I think I'm probably doing it wrong... Please let me know if I am because I swear it did not used to look like this!
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Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
you can't go wrong with Fun Factory; however, she may enjoy a clit vibe over a regular vaginal one. if price isn't an issue, I would purchase the Je Joue Mimi.

I also like the idea of cutesy animal toys too- I've tried the Baby Bug and I love it so much. the Picobong Kiki looks like an excellent option too. Hope this helps
Ryuson Ryuson
I really don't like my Kiki because it's not very strong and the controls are kinda wonky. As far as lime green goes, I LOVE my Harmonia by Close 2 You! From your options given I might choose the Liv.
chicken12 chicken12
I personally like the Naughtibod because it seems like s o much fun. However, I don't know if it would fit with your friend's tastes.

Baby Bug and Kiki look cute, though.
Missmarc Missmarc
Personally I'd go with Fleur De Lis from Evolved. One of my first vibrators have similar properties, and I really loved it. It has a nice bulge that can help put pressure on the clitoris. It's also great for insertion. It's simple, and have great potential.
indiglo indiglo
I was going to make the same suggestion Ms. Spice made. Have you thought about getting her a MiMi by Je Joue? It seems to be a success with most users across the board. (I am in love with mine.)

Do you know how much power she likes in a toy? You might want to stick with something with 4 or 5 vrooms and lots of different settings if you don't know how much power she likes. Do you know what kind of girth she's comfortable with? If in doubt, you could always get her a gift card. It's sweet of you to want to get her something so thoughtful and nice!
Cherry21 Cherry21
I'd give anyone who hadn't tried anything yet a clit vibe first. they seem less intimidating and are still lots of fun!
Mellifer Mellifer
Baby bug is cute.
Kate Kate
fleur de lis silicone delight! i have the seduction and i adore it!
tlaskowski tlaskowski
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