My review site

My review site

SexYnCute Couple SexYnCute Couple
I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions to my website. I just started it and could use some advice on it.

Sexyncute's Review Page
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Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
Hi, I just visited your site, and the first thing you should do is... give it a title. I am sure that you will have fun creating a nice design with the name of your blog on it.

After browsing the available pages, I was wondering why you are dedicating a large part of your content to a picture of wine glasses. The picture is sure pretty, but the side bar is usually where you will place your little profile box and your banners. Not everyone does it that way, but it's quite often the model used. And besides, I do not see the link between the image and the apparent theme of your blog.

I was going to say that the site looks sober, but it's got glasses of wine... The font appears to be bold, but it does not seem necessary, you will be able to fit more text in there once you have to publish a whole review and that the readers won't need to scroll down for each paragraph.

Are you paying for getting your blog hosted? Because Blogger is quite friendly for making a new blog, and you can even use a few very pretty templates to make your blog reflect a little bit more your personality. Just a thought, but it's not required.

And some of your small Babeland banners aren't working, and just appear as images. I've had issues with those too, and had to make sure that I did not separate the code for the link from the code from the image. But it kept being separated even when I was careful and that I added a different banner next to it.

Have fun blogging!
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
I would also add the suggestion of proofreading your text. There are some spaces missing between words and some spelling errors on your home page and on your review page.
hillys hillys
def need a title.
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